Luxury Housing Trends

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Play Basketball Right in Your Driveway

Basketball is a hands-on sport that can get your heart rate going. It can be played solo or along with friends and family, which is why it’s a great idea to have a hoop installed in your driveway.

The Huffy ExactaHeight Adjustable Pole Basketball Hoop System can be easily adjusted from 7.5 feet to 10 feet in 6” increments. This three piece hoop system includes a 3.5” round pole and a ground sleeve for quick assembly. However, it does not include the backboard or rim.

When you have different age groups living in the home an adjustable basketball hoop will enable everyone to play regardless of height. The pole can be installed in-ground, which would take up less space in your driveway, but this type of installation will require concrete. Another option is to just leave it as a portable system.

Host Fun Social Gatherings with Fondue

Fondue pots can be a lot of fun. Not only do they come in several colors, but they are a great way to bring a small party of people together to enjoy delicious food. If it’s common for you to host small gatherings of friends and family at your home, a fondue pot is an essential kitchen gadget.

The Rachael Ray Fondue Set is a 1-1/2 quart pot that comes in green, blue or orange. With this gadget, you can create delectable chocolate treats with fresh fruit or comforting cheese dips for bread. From appetizers to dinner to dessert, you will be able to have the perfect dinner party.

This cast iron fondue pot comes with six fondue forks, a cast iron base and a liquid fuel holder. You can even use it in the oven or right on the table where everyone can access it.

Decorate with Your Favorite NBA Team

Supporting your favorite NBA team can go farther than just watching the games with friends and family—don’t forget that you can display your love of a team too. Decorating the entire house with an NBA team’s colors in mind is a bit extreme, but dedicating a game room or basement to this sports passion can be fun.

This Imperial Phoenix Suns Neon Sign is an example of what you can add to existing decor. A neon sign would fit well wherever you have a pool table, or you can incorporate it into a game room or if you commonly watch games on a larger screened TV in the basement.

This neon sign will confirm your pride for a certain team, and it can be mounted in three different ways. It can be installed on the wall or ceiling, or it can be left standing.

Update with Flush-mount Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors have never been the most elegant looking devices. Many of them stick out from the wall and have grids that just collect dust over time and require cleaning. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t install a detector. It’s important to be as safe as you can, and a smoke detector is an essential.

The Bosch Conventional Flush-mount Detector gives you another option. It has a more modern, ultra-low profile design, which will make it less noticeable to passerbys. Along with the flush ceiling mount, it has color inserts too that can help camouflage it. Now you can have a smoke detector that compliments your home’s decor.

Unlike other smoke detectors, this model is ideal for areas with high traffic and dust. It’s smooth surface enables you to clean it easily and quickly.

Home Staple: Rain Boots at the Door

Setting a pair of rain boots outside the garage door to your house or even in the mudroom is good practice, because you can run outside whenever you need to. This is especially convenient if you have dogs. Since rain boots can be easily rinsed off, you will prevent dirt and grime from being tracked through the house too.

These UGG Millcreek rain boots are stylish accessories that you won’t mind leaving next to the door. The boots come in pearl, soft gold and sterling, and they have a treaded bottom to prevent slips and falls.

So when you take your dogs outside in the early morning hours, you will look somewhat fashionable in your pajamas. Then you will have to dirty one pair of shoes.

Dyson’s Teeny Tiny Vacuum

When you live in a New York City apartment or even a condo, space can be quite limited, which is why the most compact items are best. If you’re in the market for a teeny tiny vacuum that packs power, check out what Dyson now has available.

The new Dyson City vacuum is meant for city dwellers. The vacuum folds down enough to sit on a A4 piece of paper, but it still has Dyson’s Root Cyclone technology that it’s known for.

It took the company five years to figure out how to compress a powerful vacuum down to such a small size, but it has succeeded. Now you can clean your home, apartment or condo with a vacuum that isn’t so bulk and inconvenient to store.

New Haute Stuff by Flor

Are you tired of the typical carpet, hardwood and linoleum floors in your home? These traditional styles can become boring over time, but it doesn’t mean that you have to spend money ripping them up in order to get the look you desire.

Flor has various designs and textures of square tile flooring, which can be pieced together to create amazing rugs for underneath your dining room table, or you can go bigger and do an entire room with it. If you already have wood or linoleum flooring, you can put an “area rug” of Flor tiles on it to enhance the space.

Flor’s new Haute Stuff makes a three-dimensional statement, and it also involves two different textures. Below its shown in lime green, which is sure to please.

Simple Basket Storage Goes a Long Way

Baskets are a sophisticated way to stay organized, and it’s an easy way to put like minded things together in one place. Baskets are particularly useful in the bathroom.

Showcasing those essential toiletries such as toilet paper, hand towels, etc. prevents that uncomfortable bathroom moment for your guests. If they need more toilet paper, it’s there within reach. Your guests will definitely appreciate not having to rummage through your cabinets in order to find what they need too.

This Canopy Handwoven Willow Storage Basket from Walmart is simple and inexpensive at a little over $10. It measures 13” x 13” x 10”, and it has a sewn-in line to protect whatever you decide to store in it. Even displaying various scents and types of hand lotion and body sprays is a great idea too.

Outdoor Play Sprinkler & Water Slide Set

Pulling the kids away from the television set to play outside can be a frustrating experience, but if you turn your backyard into a waterpark, you might not have to say “let’s go outside” more than once.

The Banzai Cannonball Splash Backyard Inflatable Water Slide with Beach Ball Sprinkler Value Bundle is just the thing to get your kids running around and enjoying what’s left of summertime. At $39 from Walmart, this outdoor play bundle is a steal!

The water slide is made from PVC, so you can grab your beach boogie boards and fly down the runway into the splash pool. The ramp is 13′ long and the pool is 8′. The set actually comes with a body board.

The beach ball sprinkler is 88” in circumference, and you just have to inflate it and hook it up to a hose to get it working. It has four different spray heads, which will keep everyone cool outside.

Enjoy Some Eco-friendly Music Listening

MP3 players are convenient ways to listen to customized mixes of your own music, but when you have projects to work on or cleaning to do, it’s better if you’re head isn’t connected to wired ear buds. Currently, there is an amazing deal on eco-friendly speakers, which will only last four more days.

These Foldable Eco Speakers for MP3 Players and Computers are $3.99 for a limited time with only $4.99 for shipping. These pyramid shaped speakers are constructed from recycled materials, but it doesn’t mean that they lack in quality.

Since these speakers fold up, you can take them anywhere you go—boating, vacationing, picnicking, etc. These would also serve as a great gift for a teenager too, or you can just keep them for yourself.