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Pot Brush Makes Flower Pots Sparkle

Now is the time to start cleaning up the yard, and you might not be able to revive certain potted plants. However, you can’t just transfer another plant or seedlings into the same pot without cleaning it out first. You don’t want to transfer any diseases to the new plant.

The Pot Brush available at From Farm to Market makes cleaning those large, medium and small flower pots. After a plant has been in them for a while, the water causes the soil to stick to the sides and bottom of the pot. But this brush is made with conically shaped natural bassine bristles that enable you to get through the built up dirt and grime.

The brush also has a durable pine handle, and it’s available in a small and a large size.

Modern Aluminum Wine Rack

Aluminum is a sturdy material, and if you’re looking for a contemporary wine rack to add to your dining room or kitchen, Vynebar has an incredible solution.

The vertical Wine Racks from Vynebar scream modern, and you have the option of storing four or eight bottles of wine at a time depending on the model you purchase. The racks are available in eight colors, and you can even get yours engraved.

With these wine racks, you can create an artful wall display above your buffet table as seen in the picture below. Or you can have them near your stove for cooking or the kitchen table if that’s where you prefer. The customized engraving enables you to label the types of wines or note what state they came from.

Pantone Inspired Espresso Set

Are you familiar with the Pantone color numbers? Well, if you’re a designer, you might be familiar with 388C (lime) and other colors. Whitbread and Wilkinson (W2 Products) has created a line of mugs, book bags, messenger bags, luggage tags and other accessories inspired by real Pantone colors.

The Pantone Espresso Set, Cool Collection includes blue and green toned espresso cups. If you’re a design loving coffee drinker, this is perfect for your kitchen. These are the types of cups guests would expect, and their definitely conversation pieces — not everyone is going to know what they stand for.

If you’re really into the Pantone colors, you can purchase a set of 10 Pantone mugs. There are three different sets: 2009 colors, original and interior shades.

Indexed Chopping Boards

Chopping boards are a kitchen essential, and it’s convenient when you can display them on the counter where they’re readily accessible. But some chopping boards don’t come in counter ready sets, so you have to store them away. If you’re ready to upgrade and step into the modern world of chopping boards, try Joseph Joseph’s multi-award winning set.

The Index Chopping Boards by Joseph Joseph are technically a chopping board categorization system. Four colored and indexed chopping boards come in a stylish silver storage case. The set actually looks more like a filing system rather than kitchen supplies.

Each board has an illustrated tab, so you can always designate a separate board for fish, vegetables, raw meat and cooked food. These boards are dishwasher safe.

Decanter Cleaning Made Easy & Green with Steel Pellets

Wine, especially red wine, can build up in decanters, and the residue of the beverage doesn’t always come off so easily with just soap and water. After it has dried to the decanter, it’s a bit more difficult to remove. However, next time, you can have some fun with cleaning your decanter.

Riedel has developed a simple Bottle Cleaner that you can swish and shake around in your decanter. The cleaner isn’t a liquid cleanser like you may think. It’s actually stainless-steel spheres. The steel pellets help to remove dirt, residue, sediments and stains left over from the wine.

All you have to do is place the spheres into the decanter, add some water and shake until clean. This bottle cleaner can be reused too.

Display Keys on an Old Hotel Key Board

Those hotel key racks can be an interesting way to store and hang your keys when you’re not using them. Plus, you can always add labels so everyone has their own key rack. Incorporating old, antique looking pieces along with newer furnishing can bring some personality and uniqueness to the space.

The Vintage Inspired Hotel Key Rack from Mothology gives you the opportunity to display your keys like old hotels did. This wooden board has enough space to hold 20 sets of keys. You can even stick labels between the metal frames. The board is made from recycled wood, and it measures 19.5 x 2 x 23.5.

This is a great way to stay organized, because it’s frustrating when you need the key to your summer car or backyard shed and can’t find it.

Rose Colored Lighting

You’re probably familiar with the term “rose colored glasses.” Well, you don’t necessarily need glasses in a rose color to see the world in a prettier shade.

The Rose Pendant Light from DB Sources is a hanging lamp constructed with organza blossom blooms, and its bound to bathe your home in a pleasant lighting.

This textured lighting fixture is a unique way to accent a room or space, and the beautiful bouquet of roses reflects a flattering light onto your furniture. A few of these pendants would enhance a quiet sitting area or breakfast nook. If you have a love for nature-inspired accessories, this is a great way to bring the blooming garden outdoors inside.

Make Fabric Improvements

Fabric is available in some many glamorous textures, colors, patterns and styles. After years of wear and tear, chairs and sofas can look like they’re in disrepair. However, as long as the framing is well intact, you can always update the furniture with new fabric.

Improving your existing furniture is easy with beautiful fabrics, and Vervain has several collections with pages of options for each. Think of fabric as another art form and way to express your personal flair. Regardless of what pieces you’re updating, you can find casual, neutral, loud and formal options.

The Chariot and Wheels comes in mango and magenta (shown below), gold and grey and seaglass. So you can choose how bold you want to go, but it’s an interesting pattern for a family room.

The Medina in lazulite is or formal with the aqua/teal color and contemporary design. It almost looks like sea shells.

Cocktail Coffee Table with Built-in Stools

Are you constantly trying to increase the amount of seating at your home? When you don’t have extra chairs on hand, it can be difficult to accommodate for more larger gatherings. So before you buy another piece of furniture, ask yourself if it’s going to meet your needs.

With the Round Cocktail Coffee Table by Ashley Furniture, you can serve four more guests. This coffee table has four stools that fit underneath the table, so whenever you need more seating, you can simply pull them out.

The coffee table has a glass top and is finished in a darker wood. The stools have a triangular seat and have a leather cushion.This is nice for the living room or even the basement.

Express Your Passion with Metal

Looking for alternative wall art?

Uttermost has a variety of options from traditional styles to abstract art to chalkboards and photo frames. One unique way to adorn your walls is to express your passions for sports, music, nature, etc. with metal art.

Jazz Time is a decorative wall art piece hand forged from metal. If you love jazz and blues, make sure everyone knows by hanging a great representational piece on your wall. Billy Moon is the designer of this art, and it features a guitar, saxophone, a horn and a treble clef.

This wall decor measures 33” W x 27” H x 3” D, and it weighs 17 pounds. It would complement a music studio, piano room or living room.