Luxury Housing Trends

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Tweet Birdy to the Poshest Pad

Cockatiels and parrots are popular pet birds, and they are highly intelligent. These small birds make great household pets, and they enjoy love and attention just as much as a dog and cat do.

The Cockatiel Cage with Play Top is a functional design that will give your bird enough space to exercise, play and rest. The cage measures 18” x 18” x 57”, and it has rounded corners with seed guards and pull-out trays and grills that make cleaning easy. The play top enables your bird to hang out and play with toys.

This model also includes two hardwood dowel perches and two stainless steel feeder cups. The casters give this cage portability so you can easily move it to another room. Also, you can be sure your bird is safely inside the cage when windows or doors are open, because it has a spring loaded safety lock and a second gravity door lock for added security.

Relax in a Sleek, Modern Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges are convenient to add into your home decor, because it provides you and your guests with a relaxing place to sit or lie down. There are more traditional designs, or you can go with a sleek, contemporary model.

The Adjustable Black Leather Chaise Lounge might not look like the chaise lounges you’re use to, but it’s a durable, stylish design. It has a basic structure with a metal frame, and the cushion is upholstered in black top-grain leather.

The stainless steel accents and curvacious design make this an interesting piece to incorporate into your study or living room. It’s a great place to watch TV from or enjoy afternoon catnaps.

Finish the Kid’s Room with a Colorful Bed Skirt

You might not be able to keep your kid’s room clean, but you can adorn it with colorful accents that detract eyes from the mess.

The Bobby Jack Going Dotty Queen Bed Skirt is a fun and stylish take on boring bed skirts. It features a neon lime background with dots of chocolate and aqua, which really pop. The remainder of the bed skirt is bright solid colors that alternate in a striped patter.

This bed skirt has a 15” drop length. It’s made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester, and it’s machine washable. Even if you’re child doesn’t remember to make his/her bed, guests won’t be able to take their eyes off this fashion-forward bed skirt.

Wicker & Fire All In an Outdoor Table

Enjoying a fire outdoors is an incredible experience. It can bring family and friends together, and it can bring about nostalgia as well. Add in some marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers, and you have the perfect ingredients for a fun night of socializing.

The Naples All-Weather Wicker Fire Table is a stylish option for the outdoor patio. It features a black glass top and a wicker base. Since the propane tank is stored underneath the table, you don’t have to worry about unsightly wires. The wicker can withstand exposure the harsh outdoor weather, and you can arrange it with existing wicker furniture.

The burner for the fire pit can be covered with a round glass top, so you can turn the fire table into a traditional table for resting drinks. However, with this particular model, you can turn the burner into a beverage cooler.

Create a Romanesque Ambiance with Exquisite Garden Benches

Roman architecture with its grandiose columns and intricate details is beautiful, and when you’re able to add this style into your indoor or outdoor decor, it can really stand out and make an impression that people with admire.

The Garden Table & Bench from Neiman Marcus takes on the elaborate style of the Romans, and provides your backyard with a relaxing spot to sit, eat and drink. It’s made from a weather-resistant resin that looks like stone.

The table has a diameter of 40” and a height of 30”. The bench measures 52” W x 14.5” D x 18.5” H. This is an elegant way to serve tea, appetizers and other drinks to friends and family, and it gives you a chance to enjoy your garden and plot of land.

Enhance the Entryway with Wood & Leather

Dressing up the entryway…where do you start? You can add an extraordinary painting to draw in people’s attention, or you can incorporate some functional pieces like a beautiful settee.

The Leighton Wood & Leather Settee can bring style and function to your front door area. This model is handcrafted from acacia wood and has a smooth English polish finish. The seat cushion is made from leather and provides comfort to guests. The settee measures 69” W x 15” D x 32” H and has a seat height of 22”.

With a settee, you have a spot for guests to sit and rest, and you can also place bags of groceries or personal belongings onto it. This is a unique piece that does more than just look good in the entryway.

Enhance the Yard with Decorative Post Lamps

Security and accent lighting doesn’t have to be dull and boring. You can add sophisticated light fixtures to your outdoor space that add light and style.

The Timber Ridge Tan Palm Tree Outdoor Post Mount has a palm tree filigree, and you can add this light to an existing post. This model is handcrafted in the U.S. by Americans, and the raw copper construction will change color and patina with wear and tear from the outdoor elements, which will make it unique.

Timber Ridge makes other interesting post mount designs that feature arrows and horses. If you’re hosting an outdoor party, decorative post lamps can create a fun ambiance for your event. Or, arrange them around a patio or alongside a walkway.

Prepare Healthy Crepes for Breakfast in 2011

Have you made a New Year’s Eve resolution to stay fit and trim in 2011? This is one resolution that many people make, but it can be difficult to stick to it since it’s so broad. So in order to keep your weight down, you need to make specific changes and you can start with your diet.

Begin the New Year by eating healthier meals during breakfast, and you can do this by using the Krampouz Crepe Griddle. It comes with a ladle, rake, spatula, recipe booklet, brush and spreader device so you can make your crepes in a snap.

This simple kitchen appliance is nice to have around, so you can treat your family to a healthy and luxurious breakfast. Try stuffing the crepes with spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms or fill it up with your favorite fresh berries.

Display Wildlife Without Hunting for Heads

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? Well, you don’t have to hunt animals or kill them in order to get their heads up on your wall. Opt for a more humane and compassionate replacement.

These Trophy Heads set from Neiman Marcus includes five exotic and familiar animals including a gazelle, elk, rhinocerus, ram and deer. These faux trophy heads give you the look you desire without having creepy real life animal heads staring back at you.

Each head is detailed from the wavy fur or touch looking skin to the notches on the horns. They are all white and can be hung on a wall. If you have a cabin themed look, these would be great on a wood wall in an entryway, or you can arrange them together on a brightly colored wall.

Antique Metal Pitchers Say French Country

Some antiques are amazing pieces that have a wow factor. Whether you’re going for a contemporary, traditional or country look, it’s OK to incorporate complementary antique pieces into your decor.

These Antique French Country Metal Pitchers have a rustic-primitive look, and they can add a country feel to your home. This set of two pitchers are from the early 1900s, and they’re made from copper and pewter. The large pitcher measures 8.8” H x 8.8” W with a diameter of 4.8”. The smaller pitcher measures 4.6” H x 4” W with a diameter of 2.4”.

You can display these pieces together or separate, and they would warm up an empty kitchen shelf. These have a lovely character and interesting history that wil inspire conversation.