Luxury Housing Trends

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Vacuum the Fireplace

Fireplaces are often the cause of house fires, and if you’re regularly using yours, it’s important to maintain it consistently throughout the year.

The Only Fireplace HEPA Vacuum is a convenient accessory that can make your home safer. This vacuum is especially designed for fireplaces, and it features a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of airborne particulates. It’s those small particles that get stuck to the side of your chimney that can catch fire and cause danger.

This vacuum also has an 800-watt motor as well as a 5′ fire-retardant aluminum hose so you can reach far up into the chimney. It comes with a crevice tool for vacuuming cold ash. Prevent house fires and keep your fireplace clean on a regular basis.

Blockhead Bookends Add Humor to the Library

Who says a home library has to be dull and boring? Since it’s inside of your house, you might not necessarily want this room to be as quiet and simple as a public library.

Use accents like this pair of Blockhead Bookends to add interest to your bookcase. These are from Global Views, and the bookends can draw attention to some of your favorite books. While one figurine is holding up a book, the opposite one is trying to push them over. It’s a cute decorative accessory for your shelf.

These are also perfect for your home office or even the family room. Incorporate them into your media cabinet and use them to hold up your favorite DVDs.

Increase Air Flow with an Outdoor Ceiling Fan

Mother Nature is unpredictable. However, it doesn’t mean you have to go without a cool breeze when you have a chance to enjoy the outdoors.

This Bronze Outdoor Ceiling Fan is designed for an enclosed patio or deck area. It has a bronze finish and is made from metal and plastic. This weather-resistant ceiling fan measures 52” in diameter and a blade sweep of 26.5”. The glass globe requires 40-watt candelabrum bulbs, which are included.

Add a couple ceiling fans outdoors so you can enjoy a cool breeze whenever you’re outside. This is perfect for parties or near the poolside, especially if you live in a humid climate. With this model, you will feel like you’re at a high class resort instead of your backyard.

Huge Planters Make a Presence

Optimize your property’s space by creating impressive landscaping accents, and use larger than life planters to create the look you desire. Arrange them together or place them on the sides of a doorway.

These Parisian Planters are inspired by actual planters found outside an antique store in Paris. This planter features a black and white design, and it’s available in a small (20” x 25”) and large (22.5” x 31.5”).

These planters are made from distressed white marine plywood and black wash iron. Between the massive size and black and white contrast, these planters make a presence. They are perfect for larger shrubs and trees, which can create more privacy in the backyard. Or, you can simply use them as decoration near your patio or pool.

Provide Non-slip Surfaces Outdoors Step by Step

Stone walls and steps outdoors provide a beautiful scenery all year round. During the winter, the snow covers it and creates a three-dimensional depth to your backyard, and in the summertime, the stone steps create texture.

The only problem with stone steps is that they can become unsafe and slippery, especially during the rainy season and winter. These Filigree Stair Mats solve your problem and provide pattern and a sense of welcoming outdoors.

The demilune mat measures 42” x 22”, and the rectangular mats measure 30” x 9” and come in a set of four. These mats are made from natural fiber and rubber to ensure that they stay in place. This is a unique way to enhance your outdoor space and make sure there is a no-slip surface on your steps.

10K Gold Coffee Cups

If you really want to spoil yourself and your guests that you’re having over for tea or coffee, you might want to invest in gold coffee cups. Turn your kitchen or dining table into a fabulous tablespace with genuine gold accents.

The Bone China Footed Coffee Cups from Spiegel are edged with 10K gold. The cups hold 10 oz. of liquid and are simple and classic coffee cups for casual or formal gatherings. These cups effortlessly complement other Bone China settings.

Of course, care must be taken into maintaining these cups, so you cannot put them in the dish washer. The set comes with four.

Treat guests to breakfast in luxury, or enjoy lunch on the patio with gold edged tea cups.

Regal Antique Floor Clock

Clocks around the house are convenient, and they can even be more for show than telling time. However, if you don’t have room for a large grandfather clock, consider a regal looking floor clock that can go anywhere.

The Natural Antique Finished Mahogany and Burl Walnut Floor Clock from Maitland-Smith measures 21” W x 19” D x 104” H and weighs 151.1 pounds. It features detailed wood carvings, and even opens up and reveals four shelves. There are also old brass accents on this piece. This floor clock is perfect for a sitting room or living area, and it would go well with highly decorative decor.

Use this floor clock as a focal element in your space, and surround it with jewel toned fabrics and rich woods and different textured furnishings.

Sectional and Chaise Lounge All in One

Sectionals are becoming a modern element in the living room or great room of homes, because they’re functional and provide more dimension to the space.

The Blue Hills Sectional features both contemporary and traditional elements such as a track arm and lean frame. This sofa seats up to four people, and it includes a chaise lounge on the one end for those who would like to lie down while watching television. This model measures 105” W x 67” D x 36” H.

You can customize the fabric, leg finish and cushion fill. Choose from a variety of colors and fabric sets such as linen, leather and suede. You can even add nailhead trim for a beautiful effect, and a fabric guard is also optional.

Woven Bench with Modern Appeal

Benches are nice to have in the house and even in your home office, especially if you’re going to have one client right after another. Benches often provide temporary seating, but it doesn’t mean that comfort and style don’t matter.

The Karlee Jr. Bench available from Inside Avenue measures 35.5” W x 17.75” D x 17” H. It’s made from high polish stainless steel, and the seat is made from wood with a woven leather. This piece is available with black, white or brown bycast leather.

Use this piece in your laundry room or mudroom for putting on shoes, or add it to your walk in closet so you have somewhere to sit when you’re picking out your clothes and getting dressed. This is a practical and classic piece that can almost be added anywhere.

Cocktail Hour Calls for Elegant Decor

Cocktail hour in your home doesn’t only have to include you and your significant other. Open the hour up to friends and family, and create a fun atmosphere with board games and savory appetizers.

The Cocktail Table from Bernadette Livingston Furniture is an extraordinary piece. This table measures 66” x 40” x 20”, and it features seaweed marquetry veneer with two drawers. This English antique reproduction will add a bold look to your living room area, and it provides you with some storage for coasters, candles, incense, picture frames, etc.

Use this table for socializing with friends and family, and enjoy cocktails in the living room while you watch a favorite TV show on your LCD flat screen. Or, simply enjoy this piece of furniture as an accent table.