Luxury Housing Trends

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Transform the Bathroom in a Spa with a Bronze Handheld Shower

There’s no point in spending money to go to a spa when you can transform your bathroom at home into one. In addition to making your bathroom look like a spa with beautiful stone tiling and chic bath towels, you can add functional fixtures.

The Moen Antique Bronze Handheld Shower features four functions. It offers a full spray, invigorating spray, massaging rinse and a combination of these spray patterns. This model has an adjustable height, and it can be handheld or left in the upright, making it perfect for thoroughly cleansing your body and hair.

The beautiful bronze exterior has a 69” hose length and a 30” slide bar. Treat yourself to a relaxing shower after a hard day’s work, and enjoy the water massage this handheld shower provides.

Serve Appetizers & Drinks Outdoors Using a Drink Cart

Serving family and friends outdoors can be a hassle. You can only carry so much in your hands, and if you don’t have a lot of table space, you’re going to end up running in and out of your house.

A drink cart like this Alfresco Natural Cart is a wonderful and convenient addition to your patio or poolside area. When you have a table on wheels, you might actually look forward to entertaining guests outdoors. This cart is ideal for pool parties or even casual gatherings with close friends. It features an aluminum frame, four wheels and removable trays.

Place drinks in the cup holders and appetizers or snacks in the trays. Then remove the trays and place them on a side table or coffee table next to your chaise lounge or outdoor sofa. You will be the hostest with the mostest!

Plush Chaise Lounge for the Poolside

The poolside isn’t luxurious if it doesn’t have an incredibly cozy chaise lounge. Relaxing by the pool requires a comfortable seat, and a lounger is ideal.

The Thomasville Palmetto Estates Chaise Lounge is a beautiful model. It’s made from FSC certified Brazilian eucalyptus wood and Petan weave. The Petan is actually PVC-free and 100% recyclable, making this an eco-friendly piece. The large cushions are made from Sunbrella fabric, which holds up all year round.

After seasons of use, the eucalyptus wood will age to a soft silvery patina finish, but the cushions will resist decay. The galvanized steel and brass-plated hardware are weather-hardy as well.

Read a book, sunbathe or socialize right next to your pool while sinking into a thick, soft padded chair. This model has wheels attached, providing you with portability.

Freestanding Awnings Add Stylish Poolside Shade

Ready for summer? Well, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your poolside area for family and friends. As soon as spring sets in, it’s beneficial to get the outdoors ready for entertaining, because you’re not going to miss one moment of good weather.

The T-Series 8′ x 12′ Freestanding Awning is an ideal addition right by the pool area. You can create a relaxing environment with your patio chairs, and it’s nice to have a large umbrella to seek shade under. When the temperatures heighten in the summer, a large awning can reduce your exposure to harmful UV-rays and burning hot sun.

This FIM design has a rectangular canopy, and there are several fabric options. Sip lemonade or cocktails underneath a stylish umbrella that enables you to enjoy as much as the outdoors as you want.

Enjoy Deep Fried Summer Foods

What are your favorite summer foods? Maybe you enjoy french fries or drumsticks. Whatever you like, you can’t go wrong by equipping your kitchen with a deep fryer.

The Presto Dual Basket ProFry Immersion Deep Fry features a 1800-watt immersion element, which enables the device to preheat quickly. Prepare homemade fried vegetables and chicken, or treat family to an Italian night with restaurant-style eggplant parmesian.

This model has two oblong-shaped baskets, offering you enough space to prepare the main course and an appetizer all at once. There is also an adjustable thermostat and oil-ready indicator light so you can manage your food. The cover also acts as a splatter shield to keep your kitchen clean. This deep fryer measures 16” x 15” x 11”.

Create an Enchanting Outdoor Space with Torches

Outdoor living can be a luxurious experience if you know how to incorporate the finer things into your backyard space. Along with an outdoor kitchen, decorative pieces can create the perfect ambiance for hosting events under the stars.

The Flame Lamp Blazing Fire Hanging Torch can illuminate your patio or pool area, preparing it for intimate gatherings and relaxing social events. This hanging torch can be hung near your pool, or you can arrange several of them around your patio or deck.

This model features a black cauldron shape, and it hangs from three metal chains. Add a soft glow to your evening dinner or cocktail hour, and enjoy the outdoors for a few more hours with friends and family.

Printer and File Cabinet All in One

Keeping your home office space simple can be a challenge. Between your desktop computer, laptop, files and office supplies, your desk space can become cluttered quickly.

Instead of putting all of your office equipment out on your desk, store it away out of sight where it can still be functional. The Bush CPU, Printer and File Cabinet enables you to store supplies in one convenient place. This cabinet features a rich, cherry finish, and it measures 30.5” W x 35.5” H x 21.4” D. This model has adjustable shelves so you can fit the shelving to your needs.

Display your printer on the top, and place your CPU, reference materials or books int he cabinet. On the right hand side, you can keep extra printer paper, surplus supplies in boxes and client files.

Add a Spork to the Silverware Drawer

Functional silverware makes eating delicious meals more enjoyable. When you need a fork and spoon, it’s hard to use both and eat at the same time, which is when the need for a spork comes into play.

The Bunton MY-Ti Spork is a 0.6 ounce fork and spoon combo with a compact design. The light spork is a convenient addition to your silverware drawer, and it can come in handy when you’re eating rice dishes, pasta and frozen desserts.

This titanium spork is durable and strong, and it measures 6.5” x 1.5” x 0.8”. The polished surface will complement stainless steel silverware you already own. Now you can eat foods on the go, or enjoy your food more by having a functional utensil that is stylish too.

Low Maintenance Indoor Plants for Spring

Not everyone has the time to tend to the garden let alone indoor plants. But just because you don’t have the greenest thumb or time to hone your skills doesn’t mean the interior of you home has to suffer.

Coral Cactus Plants are easy to maintain, and they can bring that spring look to your indoor decor. These pink cactus plants have beautiful color, and they have an interesting shape similar to that of ocean coral.

This set of plants come in cute polka dot vases in green, blue and pink. In addition to being easy to take care of, these indoor plants can help reduce volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or pollution in your home.

Digital Doorbell Offers Unlimited Options

The usual “ding, dong, ding” can become pretty annoying over the years, which is why it helps to switch it up. However, if you don’t have a digital doorbell, you probably don’t have any other options.

The iChime Play Anything Digital Doorbell gives you limitless options, because it can play anything from your iPod, CD player, PC or MP3 player. This iChime made by Microsystems Development, Inc. can make your doorbell entertaining to yourself and guests.

Along with the ability to play your own tunes with the built-in microphone, you can also choose from the pre-programmed selections. Now you can change your doorbell seasonally and for the holidays too! Friends and family will get a kick out of it too!