Luxury Housing Trends

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Wall-mounted Aquarium Sparks Life

Freshwater and tropical fish make beautiful pets, but you don’t necessarily have to stick to typical table top aquariums. There are many designs available, and wall-mounted aquariums can create a seamless look in your home.

The Artquarium Large Panoramic Wall-mounted Aquarium is a 10.6 gallon tank with a steel brushed frame. The Blue Sea 3-D background makes this tank unique, and you can change its entire look with the touch of a button. Some other features include the lighting fixture, removable glass lid, easy-grip plant/item grabber, fish net, mounting kit with hardware and magnetic algae cleaner.

For the size of a painting, you can have real live fish on your wall. With the easy to use cleaning siphon hose, you can keep the fish tank clean, and it comes with convenient accessories to help you keep it clean.

Cover Up Basement Window Wells

Many homes have basement window wells. These wells can quickly become covered in everything imaginable. From rain, snow and debris, you might as well be looking out at dirt! Fortunately, there is a quick and easy solution to this problem.

The MacCourt Egress Window Well Cover is the answer. These simple window well covers prevent the elements as well as critters such as frogs from getting into your window view. This particular design is made fro 236 mil impact resistant plastic, and it has a simple design that won’t distract from your landscaping or home.

This model has a 5 year warranty. It comes with rustproof mounting clips, enabling you to snap the cover on and off for quick and easy cleaning.

Full Length Mirror with Jewelry Storage

Jewelry storage systems can be invasive, and if you have a smaller closet or bedroom where you want to keep these treasures, you definitely need an all-in-one unit.

The Powell Antique Black Cheval Jewelry Wardrobe is a full length adjustable mirror and a line storage compartment. Open up the mirror, and you can store rings, earrings, bracelets, broaches and other accessories conveniently. This unit measures 26” x 19” x 59.75”, and it has antique brass finished hooks and chrome exterior mirror knobs. The inside features brown lined interior with compartments.

Although there are wall-mounted units for storing jewelry, this model can be moved, which is nice if you ever want to change your bedroom setup. You can always move the mirror from your walk-in closet to the bedroom or to a guest bedroom when you need a change of scenery or simply lack space.

Oval Coffee Table with Frosted Glass Shelf

Coffee tables are a must in the home, but you don’t just want any coffee table for the living room or sitting area. You need one that will make a presence and also be a functional accent to the room.

The Walker Edison Mariner Oval Coffee Table is 38”, and it has a unique oval shape with three levels of glass. The top two levels have clear kidney shaped glass, and the bottom level features a frosted glass shelf. You can use the top layer for displaying pictures and other decorations. Then the second layer serve as a resting spot for drinks and remote controls. Finally, the lower shelf can function as storage for book, magazines and other reading materials.

This entire piece is supported my chrome metal legs. The simple design and materials make this piece stylish and contemporary.

Decadent Arm Chairs for a King & Queen

Dining chairs should make a presence. Especially when your dining chairs are in a formal dining room or even a luxurious kitchen, you don’t want dinky furniture barely filling the space.

The Coaster Chair is a hardy, opulent dining chair that features wood and leather like material. It features detailed arms and legs made from a dark wood. The legs spiral while the arms have a smooth, detailed construction. Also, a modern nail head trim outlines the black seat cushion while the tan back cushion creates a juxtaposition against the black seat.

Some assembly is required with this chair, but it’s a grandeur accent for your kitchen or dining room area. Instead of incorporating a set of chairs like this with your table, you could add them as accent chairs in a game room.

Energy-Efficient, Plum Colored Table Lamp

In the dining room, it’s perfectly fine for your accessories to be more dramatic than in other rooms. If you’re trying to define a space for high class entertaining, stick with prominent pieces, deep jewel tone colors and classic details.

Decorate your wood server in the dining room with a set of table lamps. You might have to pair down to one table lamp if you have a shorter server, but with longer ones, you can have a set of lamps as well as a centerpiece. These Stacy Garcia Fancy Fern Rich Plum Energy Efficient Table Lamp is capable of dressing up any room. Between the contemporary design and unusual shade color, this lamp is sure to be noticed.

This lamp is made with a brushed steel finish, and it sits 22” high. Create a luxurious atmosphere and save on your energy bill with a stylish model.

Catch Up with a Friend & Enjoy Snacks on a Chat Table

With the right furnishings, you can enjoy the outdoors as much as you enjoy the indoors. If you like to have friends and family over to catch up, create the perfect seating to do just that.

The Alfresco Home Compass 48” Round Beverage/Fire Pit Chat Table has a beautiful mosaic design that features warm tones of brown, gold and tan. Use this chat table for resting drinks and appetizers, and arrange comfy chairs around it. This is the perfect centerpiece for your outdoor conversation set.

This table serves two purposes. In addition to provide a table surface, you can also use the center as a fire pit. Create warmth outdoors on chilly evenings or days, and enjoy wine with close friends.

Adorn the Backyard with a Tranquil, Cascading Fountain

The sound of water can be peaceful, and you might even look forward to those evening thunderstorms. Lull yourself to sleep or enjoy the sound of free flowing water whenever you like right in your backyard.

The STI Group Cobblestone Cascade with Wild Bird Wading Deck features a maintenance-free resin fountain, so you don’t have to worry about it taking up much of your time. This design is equipped with an energy-efficient pump, which won’t eat up your money every month.

Enjoy watching and hearing the water flow from the small pond at the top of the fountain and trickle down to the larger pool. Wild birds will love it too, and they can sit or stand on the wading deck.

Save Energy with New Windows

Windows can be a pricey installation, especially when you need to do all of them at one time. However, the longer you procrastinate this installation, the more of your money goes out the window from lost air conditioning and heating.

These ThermaStar by Pella Dual Pane Double-Hung Vinyl Windows include a screen and measure 31.5” x 37.5”. These are Energy Star qualified in the Northern, North/Central, South Central and Southern Zones. This vinyl window features a white exterior and hardware color.

Before you start paying for air conditioning this spring and summer, it’s in your best interest to look into new windows. Also, consider blackout blinds or honeycomb shaped blinds, which will add protection and reduce lost heating/cooling. Isn’t about time you save money and energy?

Flood Lights with Home Security Feature

Home security is important, but in addition to the basic systems and devices, it doesn’t hurt to have some sneaky surveillance products in the mix too. Remember, burglars are opportunists so it’s beneficial to stay on step ahead.

The Mini Gadgets MiniFloodLightCam is an interesting design. It features a typical round floodlight with energy-efficient LED bulbs. It stands about 7.5” tall, but it’s very different from typical floodlights you have ever purchased before. As well as providing light, this model also features a DVR motion activation.

Thanks to the 34 super bright LED lights, it will be hard to miss the face of whoever is outside. Maybe it’s just a neighbor or friend, but you will be able to know exactly who it is.