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Bring the Spirit of Easter to the Forefront with Rabbit Figurines

Looking forward to Easter this year? You probably can’t wait for those 40 days and 40 nights to be over so you can get back to those bad habits like drinking pop and eating ice cream! In the meantime, you can distract yourself by decorating your home for Easter.

Welcome the spirit of the Easter bunny into your home with this Set of 2 White Shelf Sitting Easter Bunnies. These adorable rabbits will add some character to your fireplace, entryway or kitchen. One rabbit is holding a basket while the other rabbit has a bow-tie and a book.

Perfect for sitting on a counter or table top, these bunnies will help spring hop into your home. Place them near a vase of fresh flowers, or create a faux flower centerpiece to go along with these figurines.

Create a Simple Centerpiece for the Table

While a complete tablescape with table cloth, napkins, silverware and place settings is ideal, it’s simply not reality. Unless your sole job is to take care of the house, maintaining a perfect tablescape is usually left for special events only.

However, in no time at all, you can create a simple yet beautiful centerpiece for your dining or kitchen table. All you need is a circular television turn table and a large piece of tile or stone. Place whatever type of square or round tile you prefer on top of the turn table. Then you can place a vase of flowers or other decorative accessories on top of the table.

You can leave this turn table on the table all of the time. If you want to put salt and pepper shakers or other condiments and seasonings on it, you can do that too. People can push the tile, which will turn the centerpiece enabling them to reach for the salt. Simple yet functional!

Accent with Wall/Floor Tiles

Stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s have a wide selection of wall and floor tiles. If you’re sick of the way something in your home looks, consider using tiles to fix the eyesore.

Go to a store and pick up a few samples that catch your eye. You can always return them if you don’t like them. Use the tiles to improve a table top, lamp, mirror, etc. You can glue tile designs on almost anything, or you can create a beautiful mosaic. Small jobs like this take a few hours, and you don’t have to be overly creative either.

Another option is to consider re-tiling your flooring or wall. The reason why you might not like your bathroom or outdoor patio is because the stone or ceramic is out of date or worn and weathered.

Play Tennis in the Backyard

Building a tennis court in your backyard is a pricy venture, but there are ways to cut costs so you can have a beautiful court for friends and family to enjoy all year round.

In order to build a tennis court, you need about 120′ x 60′. However, you can reduce your expenses by designing a small court in the realm of 110′ x 55′. You can also cut the corners off at 45 degrees, which will make the tennis balls roll into the center (how convenient, right?).

Another issue you might want to consider is installing a fence. Are you concerned about neighbors seeing you play? If not, you might want to prevent balls from flying into the street. Plus, with a fence, you don’t have to look at the tennis court from the house.

“Animal Skin” Porcelain Tiles Offer an Exotic Touch

Need new wall tiles? Want something out of the ordinary? Check out the “RMA Series Animal-Skin Tiles” from Hastings Tile & Bath.

The line of durable porcelain tiles is designed to mimic patterns and textures found in nature. Looking at this wall might bring to mind lizard scales or something equally exotic. It’s one of several options available in the series of tiles, sized 24″ x 24″, which can be used for floor and wall purposes.

Other tile options from the company include wood-look, fabric-look, metallic-look, and stone-look. In short, these aren’t your grandmother’s porcelain tiles!

Hastings Tile & Bath

exotic porcelain tiles

Dresser and Changing Table All in One

There’s a tendency to over do things when you’re expecting a newborn, but you don’t have to go overboard. Instead find pieces of furniture that serve double duty.

The Stork Craft Aspen Combo Dresser/Changing Table in espresso is a simple furnishing that does more than just store your baby’s clothes. The top of the dresser functions as a changing table, and the three slide out drawers can be used for diapers, pajamas, etc. There is also a taller cabinet, which can be used for different accessories.

The dresser/changing table is made from durable wood with a non-toxic finish. You no longer have to worry about over stuffing your baby’s room with furniture. Instead you can create an open space with just the basics.

Cook with the Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg has quite a loyal following of fans, and you can be an Egghead too! These kamado-style grills featuring interesting designs, but you can do so much more cooking with it all year round.

The Sole Kamado Compact Crate for Large Big Green Egg is made for keeping your ceramic grill handy on the deck or patio. It features an antique bronze textured finish with a powder-coated steel frame. The heavy-duty casters enable you to move your grill anywhere you please, but they lock when you’re ready to stay put.

The bottom of the crate has a storage space for charcoal while the top keeps your EGG in place. Add a grill cover and you can safely store your grill equipment outdoors.

Cozy Up to a Stylish Outdoor Fire

From roasting marshmallows to cooking hot dogs, you can enjoy the luxuries of a fire pit. Add one to your patio, and host all sorts of social gatherings with family and friends throughout the year.

The Fire Pit for Fire Dancer Ring is a beautiful stone fire pit design. It’s made from artificial stones including concrete, but it still has an authentic appearance. It measures 36” in diameter, and it has a matte finish. The faux stone look makes it perfect for a stone, wood or concrete patio.

Arrange chairs around it during the spring and summer months, or install it poolside so you can warm up quickly after a swim. Fire pits create a relaxing environment outdoors, and they can be so useful for cooking foods or simply keeping warm.

Aga Under-Counter Wine Cellar Comes in Vibrant Colors

If you’re tired of stainless steel appliances, and want to add a little color to your kitchen (as well as a little wine!), you might check out some of the latest appliances from Aga.

For example, their under-counter wine refrigerator is available in colors you don’t usually see in appliances (such as this bright blue and a fire engine red). The compact “wine cellar” offers all the modern conveniences as well:

“Whether you’re a connoisseur or someone who enjoys a glass of wine with friends, your wines will receive the royal treatment in our new wine cellar. It accommodates up to 54 bottles on perfectly canted glide-out racks that cradle your wines (including magnums and champagne bottles) to keep corks moist. An efficient compressor and low velocity fan create the optimum storage environment and provide vibration free operation. And a unique interior lighting system displays your wines elegantly. Available with hinge on left or right of door.”


aga wine refrigerator in blue

Stone Shaped Mirror with Magnifiying Lens

The all important bathroom mirror can be hard to replace once you get used to a certain design. There are two important features to look for in a bathroom mirror. The first one is how functional the mirror is — is it large enough? Does it have any magnifying features? Second, it has to be stylish for your bathroom.

The Lunatic Stone Mirror features a unique design. It has a large stone/egg shape, which measures 20.5” x 23.6”. Then there is a convenient 3x magnifying lens near the bottom right corner, so you can zoom in on your face while you’re shaving or applying makeup.

Although this is a more modern design, it’s simple and can complement any bathroom decor since it doesn’t have any borders or colors.