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Towel Warming Drawer Offers “Home Spa” Luxury

When the air is nippy, and the house is cold, it’s tough getting out of bed in the morning. A hot shower does wonders to warm you up, but then you have to get out, grab a boring old room-temperature towel, and hurry up to dry off before you get cold.

Well, that is a thing of the past if you pamper yourself with a towel warming drawer. You can hop out of the shower and warp a fluffy warm towel around your body. Sounds nice, eh?

This “Home Spa Towel Warming Drawer” from Jacuzzi can heat four towels up to 120 degrees in 15 minutes. Available in two sizes (the 24″ model warms two towels at a time while the 42″ drawer can do four), the unit need not take up much space in your bathroom. It can install in a standard-sized cabinet.

Jaccuzi Towel Warming Drawer

Bathroom Storage Made Easy with Over-Toilet Wall Unit

If you could use a little more storage in the bathroom (hey, who couldn’t?), but there isn’t a lot of room to work with, then it makes sense to use vertical (wall) space. For most of us, the area over the toilet isn’t used for anything special. Why not add storage there?

This over-toilet bathroom storage cabinet is a simple solution that doesn’t require the use of power tools to mount it against the wall. Other than a little assembly work, the free-standing space saver should be an easy add to the top of your commode.

The reviews at Amazon (where the unit sells for $140) are positive, and it looks like the cabinet on the top is large enough to store towels. The space-saver consists of poplar wood with a white painted finish.

over toilet bathroom storage cabinet

Handy Baker’s Rack with Wine Storage

Baking while drinking your favorite wine? These two activities sound like they go hand in hand, right? Well, know you can have the perfect storage system for your two favorite past times.

The Celtic Baker’s Rack features convenient wine storage. It’s able to hold up to 12 wine bottles and even your stemware. For smaller items, such as cork openers and measuring tools, use the two hand stained rattan baskets as storage. In addition, there are three shelves (two smaller ones above the baskets and one longer one).

This metal design has beautiful scrollwork, making it perfect for a rustic style kitchen. Between the hardy metal and durable rattan, this baker’s rack will endure. Enjoy baking and entertaining guests during cocktail hour with functional kitchen accents such as this one.

Protect Your Network with an Effective Firewall

There are so many hackers out there, and it doesn’t matter if they live in China or the U.S. There is potential for anyone to get into your network and retrieve personal and private information. So don’t put your data at risk.

The Cisco Firewall Edition Bundle features the Cisco ASA 5500 Series adaptive security appliances. These are top of the line solutions for protecting your home office and even personal computers from security breaches.

If you have client files and information on your computer, it’s important to protect this information to the best of your abilities. You also don’t want the hassle of having to deal with viruses that can cause damage to your files and your entire network. Keep your computer system running smoothly with an efficient firewall.

Ant Farm Express: Contain Your Child’s Creepy Critters

Children bring the darndest things into the home. When you were a kid, you might have done things like bring garden snakes into your bedroom, or try to save birds with broken wings. While it’s a good thing to care about and have a natural curiosity for wildlife, you don’t want these critters crawling all over your home and getting into your food.

Encourage your child to learn more about nature but in a responsible way with the AntWorks Space-Age Ant Habitat. This design is based on the NASA Space Shuttle experiment, and it helps keep ants contained. The non-toxic blue gel acts like nutritious soil, but it enables you kids to watch the ants create 3D tunnels.

This definitely makes for interesting bedroom decor, and it will appeal to your child’s interests.

Granite Top Kitchen Island with Stools

A kitchen island is convenient, as it provides you more space for preparing meals and entertaining guests. If your kitchen lacks counter space as well as room for a large dining table, consider a more compact option.

The Home Styles Monarch Kitchen Island from QVC features a luxurious granite top and two stools. This will become a multi-purpose feature in your kitchen space. Use it as a breakfast bar, prep station or dining area. The included bar stools have black leather seats and swivel 360 degrees.

The kitchen island has a sturdy hardwood construction with a multi-step finish to ensure that the wood retains its appearance over time. For storage purposes, this model has two utility drawers with adjustable shelves, making it a perfect focal point for the kitchen.

Antique Mailbox with Old World Charm

Mailboxes do serve an important purpose, but it doesn’t mean that they can’t have style or panache. Replacing your busted down mailbox with a more decorative option that weathers gracefully over the years can improve the look of your home’s exterior.

The Peninsula Wall Mounted Mailbox features a weathered, antique look and is shown in a green. It weighs 14 pounds and is made of weather-hardy brass with a hand-polished finish. While this design is simple, it has a beautifully embossed door and curved roof.

This model includes a stainless steel scalped cam lock with a dust shutter and two keys. Enjoy picking up your mail when you have a stylish mailbox that complements your home instead of distracting from it.

Address Your Mansion with an Impressive Plaque

Of course, there is a sign with your street’s name somewhere near your home, but if you really want to make your address known, add a sophisticated address plaque to your lawn.

The Mayne Nantucket Address Sign is a beautiful outdoor accent that can enhance your home’s exterior. It features a pillared wood design in white, and it measures 40” W x 6.75” D x 32” H. It’s designed to be mounted into the ground, and you can put up to two lines of text or numbers on it. Along with your house number, you can put your street name too, making it easier for guests to find your humble abode.

Featuring an all-season exterior, this address plaque will last for years to come, and it will invite people into your beautiful mansion.

Bake Homemade Cookies & Pizza with a Pizza Stone

You can bake more than pizza with a pizza stone. Why not try your hand at homemade chocolate chip cookies or making your own pita chips?

The All-Clad Stainless Steel Gourmet Pizza Stone is a set that includes a 13” pizza stone. Because the stone disperses heat evenly, you can cook pizza, cookies and more to perfection! The convenient pizza cutter enables you to to cut restaurant-style slices effortlessly.

Use your pizza stone indoors with your oven, or test our your new pizza oven if you have one. Outdoor pizza ovens make a great addition to the patio, because you can bake all sorts of foods for pool parties and other backyard events. Stop burning pizza or scorching the crust, and use professional baking equipment.

Hear the Soothing Sound of Water from a Four Level Natural Rock Pond

The sound of flowing water can create a soothing environment both indoors and out. Adding the element of water to your home is an easy way to start Feng shuing your home.

Try to let things roll off your back and go with the flow. Use the Four Level Natural Rock Pond relax you into a meditative state while you’re outside enjoying the day or sitting back and reading a book. This pond is made from fiberglass but features a life like rock exterior. It has four tiers for water to flow down, and lights are included to illuminate the four basins of water.

With this model, the pump is included, and the design measures 19” wide x 35” high x 21” deep. Since the pond isn’t made from rock, it’s lightweight and easy to move.