Information on Shower Benches & Shower Seats

Who should consider a shower bench?

Bathroom safety is an important issue for all of us. Bathrooms are one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. Slips and falls are on the rise and we all know that falls are the leading cause of injury, especially in folks over 65.

The floors are hard and slippery and the walls are close together which presents unique obstacles to accessibility. One of the most important places for universal design is the bathroom and one of the best innovations from the universal design world is the shower bench or seat.

A shower with a seat is one of the most versatile features designed for people with strength or mobility issues.

A shower bench is one of the luxuries that become an essential once it is installed, and once you get over your hang-ups about aging and get used to the idea. (Of course, you can be any age and enjoy the convenience of a seat in the shower--at the very least, it's some place to stick your leg when it's time to shave ladies.)

A bench becomes a safe place to sit and soak up the steam and warmth during a hot shower. It can also be a handy shelf for shampoos, conditioners, and other hygiene products.

To make bathing safer and more comfortable the installation or purchase of a ready-to-use shower bench is a stellar idea. Models include transfer seats, seats with backs or simple stools, as well as built-in and fold down units. A folding seat allows the bather the choice of standing or sitting while showering.

A versatile shower that accommodates both able-bodied and handicapped individuals is called a transfer shower. This can be built from individual components or purchased as a complete module with a seat, grab bars and controls. Built-in one piece sections or fold-up seats are available.

What is the difference between a shower seat, shower chair, and shower stool? The shower seat is permanently installed in your shower; some styles fold up and out of the way when not needed. Other styles are part of the shower structure similar to a bench jutting out from a wall. A shower chair is a free standing and can have a back or arms like a regular chair. A shower stool is also free standing but does not have a back.

If you are in the construction or major renovation phase of your home, you will probably want to consider a built in shower seat in your shower. In an already completed bathroom it would be easier to install a shower seat that is stationary or folding.

Padded and upholstered shower seats are advised because many people have difficulty sitting on hard surfaces. Regardless, a shower seat will make your bathroom a safer and more comfortable place.

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