Cleaning Laminate Flooring

The best thing about laminate flooring, besides looking nice of course, is that it is made to look good for years with MINIMUM EFFORT! (We tore out our carpets and installed laminate, and I'm definitely a fan.)

All you really need for cleaning laminate are a vacuum cleaner, a dry mop, a damp towel and a little common sense. If you really hate vacuuming you can use an old fashioned broom or dust mop instead. After removing grit and dust you can damp mop the floor using one of the many cleaning products on the market that are especially formulated for wood or laminate floors. The best part is that you donít have to polish, wax, or scour your laminate flooring to make it look good.

Dirt and rocks can cause visible scratching that will eventually lead to dullness. To protect against this vacuum, sweep or dust mop the floors on a regular basis. Also use floor mats or entry door mats. The other alternative is having everyone remove their shoes when they come in, but wait---that behavior is for white carpeting and real hardwood flooring. We want things to be a little more relaxed so that we donít have to go ballistic every time the dog crumbles her chewy bones on the floor.

One tip to remember:

Do not wet-mop your laminate floors.

Excess water can seep behind the baseboards and under your floor boards causing considerable damage. There are many quality cleaning products available but a solution of vinegar or an ammonia-based solution work as well. For example: ľ cup of vinegar in 30-32 ounces of water in an empty spray bottle is handy to keep on hand.

For trouble stains such as tar, oil, paint, permanent markers etc. use warm water or a neutral cleaner on a light cloth.

If your laminate is scratched, you can buy a touch up stick from the manufacturer. For more severe damage you will probably have to have the plank replaced. But this shouldn't happen often. Laminate flooring is tough and built to withstand considerable wear and tear.

Some manufacturers recommend that you use a cleaning solution periodically to remove any sticky substances from the floor. Specific manufacturers will probably recommend their own brand of cleaner and refinishing spray (that way they make more money). It's up to you whether you need to spend that much on cleaning your laminate floors. As I've mentioned, the homemade vinegar solution works pretty well by itself!

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