Luxury Housing Trends

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Garage Storage Grid Takes Advantage of Wall Space

When people think of fancy luxury items for the home, they’re probably not thinking of something as prosaic as garage storage. But let’s face it: we all seem to need more storage space for our belongings. This grid is a way to maximize wall space. Fasten it to the wall, and you can hang all sorts of tools from the hooks. Put out by JNK Products, this system comes in cases of grids, which can be interconnected to form a large unit or kept separate to offer multiple smaller storage areas. A case of three grids costs $95.


Tetris-inspired Shelves

Ever played Tetris? That game with the puzzle pieces you have to snick into neat rows before time runs out? Well, Brave Space’s Tetris Mini is a storage solution designed after the different shaped pieces in the game. The shelves are handcrafted, made from Baltic Birch with a walnut veneer. The price for the shelf unit is $1,750.


Wall Storage for Your Odds & Ends

I accumulate clutter like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter (and like said squirrels, I often can’t find my nuts, er clutter, after I put it “someplace I’ll remember”). Because of that, I’m always looking for new storage ideas. Offered by Highbrow, Inc., the Uten.Silo is a wall storage unit designed to hold things like pens, scissors, reading glasses, glue… just about any smell items you can imagine. If you’re out of room in your desk drawers and shelves, putting office supplies and other nicknacks on the wall seems like a good solution to me. The storage piece comes in black, red, white, and chrome and is available in two different sizes. The price ranges from $275 to $300.


Wine Storage Drawers

We’ve seen wine vaults. We’ve seen undercounter wine refrigerators. Now, U-Line is bringing us wine drawers (they go under the counter, too). The Echelon Series Wine Captain Drawers allow you to set different temperatures for each drawer, ranging from 40-60F degrees. The combined drawers hold 43 bottles of wine. Interior lighting allows you to see what you’re grabbing, and tinted glass doors protect your wine from harmful UV rays. The unit is available in black or stainless steel. The price for the U-Line drawers is around $2,300.