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Add Beauty Over the Bed

Do you have that one amazing picture or painting over your bed? Placing one of your favorite pieces of art over your bed adds a pop of color and beauty to your sleeping space. Plus, this is something you can always change and switch up every so often when you want a fresh look.

This Blossom Original Abstract Oil Painting is on a three-panel, unframed canvas. It’s a handpainted cherry blossom tree, which is full of bright shades of blue, yellow and pink.

In Feng Shui, Chinese floral art represent the wood element. This element is said to symbolize luck, wealth, health, long life and positivity. Placing an accessory that stands for these things is a great way to bring life and color into your bedroom.

Let Everyone Know the Witch Is In

There are so many fun ways that you can spruce up your interior and exterior for Halloween, and you don’t even have to go all out for the holiday. Sometimes the best Halloween decorations are simple ones.

These Primitive Witch Boots from DY Home Decor are so adorable, and they would be perfect right outside your front or side door. They feature little black booties that taper and curl up at the toe, and the top of the shoes are filled with Spanish moss and bittersweet flowers.

The colors of the flowers really pop out against the black shoes. Also, there is a cute little tag that says, “The Witch Is In.” This would be a simple decoration, but it would definitely catch passerby.

Crystal Bowls Like No Other

Elizabeth Bauer Design has some incredible pieces for your home. Whether you’re searching for striking seating, tables, mirrors or pillows and throws, you will find some great pieces here.

One accessory in particular are the Crystal Accessories. Elizabeth Bauer Design offers small, medium and large rock crystal bowls as well as small, medium and large votives. These bowls and votives look like they were taken directly from the earth. You will really appreciate them if you’re a geologist.

These bowls and votives would like amazing on a dining room table or even a buffet table. Along with candles, you can create an incredible decorative display, and the crystals will only enhance the space by reflecting the light.

Express Your Passion with Metal

Looking for alternative wall art?

Uttermost has a variety of options from traditional styles to abstract art to chalkboards and photo frames. One unique way to adorn your walls is to express your passions for sports, music, nature, etc. with metal art.

Jazz Time is a decorative wall art piece hand forged from metal. If you love jazz and blues, make sure everyone knows by hanging a great representational piece on your wall. Billy Moon is the designer of this art, and it features a guitar, saxophone, a horn and a treble clef.

This wall decor measures 33” W x 27” H x 3” D, and it weighs 17 pounds. It would complement a music studio, piano room or living room.

Frames Can Do More Than You Think

Picture frames might be common home decorations, but they do enhance your walls. See the before and after photos below. The plain, boring wall draws away from the beautiful furnishings and staircase, but when pictures are artfully arranged on the walls, the entire space becomes connected.

Larson Juhl creates custom frames to help homeowners dress up their walls. They also have framing ideas and tips on their site, so if you’re a new homeowner or renter, you can learn fast.

One great idea is to purchase frames only and arrange them on a wall without the back. Then the empty frames are highlighting the wall’s paint or wallpaper. This is a more modern approach, but it’s convenient if you haven’t invested in paintings yet or don’t have many family pictures right now.

Romance Your Vanity with Vintage Talc Canisters

Those old talc canisters can be valued up to $15 each, but any water spots or rust stains can affect the appraisal. If it’s not worth it to you to sell these canisters, they can make romantic displays on your vanity.

This Vintage Art Deco Tin by Woodworth launched in 1912 with a scent called “Fiancee.” Now you can have the tin to remember it by. It stands 5” tall and 1.5” wide. This brass cylinder canister would bring out any wood vanity, and you can mix and match it with other empty or full perfume bottles and powders.

Many talc canisters in the past were made of metal, but during World War II’s metal shortage, the talc was stored in cardboard containers. One model in particular made of cardboard was Colgate-Palmolive-Peet Co.’s “Cashmere Bouquet.”

Revive Milk Glass

Milk glass was initially created in Venice in the 16th century, and it was made in several colors including white, pink, blue, yellow, black and brown. Traditionally, this glass is opaque and translucent, and it can be pressed into many different shapes.

Eddie Ross’ Vintage Milk Glass Basketweave Compote is a great accessory to bring milk glass back to live in your home. It measures 11” D x 7” H with a base of 4.5” D. It features a basketweave design on the top and bottom.

This strong piece would standout on a dining room table. You could put a circular bouquet of white colored carnations in the compote. A tall stacked centerpiece is beautiful, and if you’re having guests for dinner, you can always remove the flowers once everyone is seating and use the compote to hold bread.

Liven Your Door with Seasonal Wreaths

Now is the time to go to craft shows and festivals, because you can almost always find beautiful handmade items at an affordable price. Fall wreaths featuring acorns, changing leafs, grapes and other outdoor elements brings color and warmth to your front door, so keep your eye out for amazing ones or make your own.

This Forest Fall Wreath features maple and oak leaves with shades of red and orange. Since it’s made from artificial leaves, it’s going to be more durable and last for years to come. However, with a wire wreath foundation and accents such as artificial garland and leaves from the craft store, you can create your own.

Wreaths are ideal for doors, but you can also hang them on walls or over windows and hallways.

Decorate with Fall Creatures

Fall is a beautiful time of year — the changing leaves, cool breeze and scurrying critters are just some of the highlights. The signature colors of this season might be gold, brown, burgundy, cream and hunter green, but you can also make your space look like autumn by incorporating some of the cutest creatures and nature-inspired elements.

Knickknacks and even larger decor featuring owls, foxes, black birds, ducks, etc. are fun ways to bring the outdoors inside. You can also find accessories with toadstools and natural wood, which are nice to enhance tables.

The Spherical Owl Decor has many autumn shades, and it’s a metal wall art design. Although it’s not three dimensional, the shading and bright colors help it come to life. It’s durable enough to be displayed outside or inside, and it measures 9 x 9 x 6.

Seasonal Chair Leg Feet Covers

Whether you enjoy going all out for the seasons and holidays or just like to add decorative touches here and there, furniture leg covers can give you the added flair you need.

These cute Snowman Chair Leg Feet Covers come in a four piece set, and you simply place each one under a leg of your chair or sofa. So if you desire floor to ceiling festive decor, these complete your look.

These feet covers are made from polyester, and they’re machine washable. Each one measures 2.5” H x 4.75” W x 4” D. The covers even come in handy if you’re looking for a more creative way to protect your hardwood floors or less durable surfaces from scratches. They’re definitely easy to use, and you can purchase different ones for all of the seasons.