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Decorate with Basics: A White Porcelain Branch

You don’t necessarily have to use several pieces of decor to make a statement. Often the most profound or artistic decorations are simple and basic. So try your hand at creating a minimalist look with basic nature-inspired elements.

This White Double Branch is as simple as it gets, right? However, you can make an interesting statement with it by using your creativity. During the holidays, you can add a string of lights to it and garland. In the fall, you can lay colored leaves from outside on and around it. If you have small animal collectibles, you can arrange them around the branch to create a little scene.

This is an unglazed branch carved out of English porcelain. It measures 13” x 7” x 3”. It would look great by itself on a coffee table too.

Make the Squirrels Jealous with Oak-y Dokey Garland

With traditional garland, you can easily add greenery to your hallways, stairs and fireplace. However, if you want to spice things up this year, why not buy or create a unique garland?

Oak-y Dokey Garland from Mod Cloth features stringed acorn, which gives garland a new, warmer look. This acorn garland still has an earthy vibe, but it provides you with an alternative option for decorating your dinner table, tree, mantle place, etc.

If you don’t want to buy something like this, you can create one at home. All you need to do is collect acorns from outside, drill holes in them and string them on a beautiful thin rope. Keep the acorns in place by tying knots on each side. This is can be an exciting craft project for you and your kids.

Don’t Skate? Add Ice Skates to Holiday Decor

Just because ice skating parties are no longer on your agenda, you can still make use of your skates. Adding old fashioned ice skates to your holiday decor is one option if you plan on never using your skates any time soon. You can tie them together and hang them from a metal sled. With a little garland and a red bow, your front door will be set for the winter season.

These white Riedell Ice Skates for girls are $55, but you can probably find an old pair in your garage or attic. Another option is to make your rounds at second hand stores or even garage sales. You can find a cheaper set this way.

Whether you create a seasonal indoor or outdoor arrangement with the set or a single skate, the winter ambiance will be in full swing. This is a fun way to practice reuse!

Have a Charlie Brown Christmas

What are the holidays without Charlie Brown and the gang? Many families make a tradition of playing television specials featuring the Peanuts including A Charlie Brown Christmas and It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. Whether you grew up with them or your children have, it’s fun to incorporate this iconic group of characters into your holiday decorating.

Urban Outfitters has the perfect tree to memorialize your favorite comic strip characters. This Tree Needs You is an exact replica of the tree from Charlie Brown. It has one ornament and a crisscross wooden base. The miniature Linus blanket only makes it more adorable.

The tree measures 5” W x 5” D x 12” H. This is the perfect decoration to add to your living room or bedroom. One word of caution: the wood base is susceptible to splintering.

Hand-spattered Paint Easel Adds Realism to a Room

Even if you lack the abilities to paint incredible pieces like Monet and Van Gogh, you can at least give off the artsy vibe with realistic accents here and there. Art might not be your gifted talent, but you can still appreciate the finer paintings made by others.

The Studio Days Easel available from Anthropologie has a sturdy wood frame and is naturally distressed with drips of hand-spattered paint. This can function as a resting place for your own artwork, but you can rest professional pieces on it too. It gives you a different option from hanging it on the wall.

You can hang inspiring and beautiful works of art on this easel, which measures 69” H x 21” H x 23” D. This is made from wood and iron, and it was crafted in France.

Round Hanging Mirrors with Vintage French Style

Mirrors come in so many shapes and sizes as well as styles, so you can easily enhance a theme or complement your walls with mirrors that make your space appear larger.

The Cavaillon Mirror with Chain features a round mirror that is designed like an iron wheel rim, and it hangs from a decorative link chain. The vintage detail and French antique style make these mirrors stand out.

These chain link mirrors are available in small, medium and large sizes, so you can arrange them in different ways on your wall. You can have three hanging from smallest to biggest or the other way around. Something like this can open up an enclosed hallway, or you can turn your bathroom into a French chateau.

Spin the Dreidel

Hanukkah might be over, but you can still enjoy spreading holiday cheer with your home decor. Why not keep up some decorations that are reminiscent of this Jewish holiday?

The Herman Miller Walnut Top Set available from Velocity Art and Design are beautiful toys that can accent your coffee table, fireplace or side table. Charles and Ray Eames were the inspirations behind the creation of this limited edition set. Of course, playtime is a time for kids to have fun, but these two individuals also felt it was a time for the brain to grow and learn how to problem solve. These toys are sculpted from walnut and were made by KelinReid, a New York design studio.

These tops measure 3-5” high x 2.5-4” in diameter, and they are great for decorating too.

Display Flowers in Shapely Vase

The Ikea Stockholm Vase has an hourglass shape, and it’s made from mouth blown glass. Each vase is shaped by a skilled craftsman, and this model is available in blue, black, green, pink and white.

Adding an attractive vase to your coffee table, side table or even kitchen counter can improve the mood of a room. Filling it with fresh cut flowers can make the space even more cheerful.

Vases are are an essential item for storing under the sink, because you never know when someone special is going to surprise you with flowers. However, you can use vases for other things like storing pencils and pens or adding creative accessories. If you don’t have much of a green thumb, you can always make a beautiful arrangement out of faux plants.

Crystalize the Holiday Tree

Hanging a variety of Christmas ornaments sets the stage for a beautiful and sentimental holiday tree. A mix of old and new decorations can help you relish in the spirit of the season.

The Quartz Crystal Ornaments available from Viva Terra will make your tree look like icicles are hanging from it. These crystals are stunning, and they dangle from white silk ribbons. They measure approximately 1.5” L, and you can decorate a 9′ tree with about 120 crystals.

This is a great way to bring the cold, icy weather indoors without actually inviting the freezing rain and snow inside. Crystals have a natural beauty, and they have also been used to bring about spiritual clarity. These ornaments are simple but will enhance your bulbs and homemade decorations.

Add Flair with Decorative Bowls

Glass bowls can be beautiful home accents. You can arrange them on a counter, put them in a glass cabinet, or keep them on an office desk. Although these items make for great decorations, you can also give them a purpose and use them for holding candy, car keys, money, etc.

The Dale Tiffany Glass Bonfire Decorative Bowl has an interesting shape and design. It has a yellow and black finish and the handles curl up on the side. The pattern and color on this bowl is sure to attract some attention.

This bowl measures 17” x 11”. It would complement a shelf or coffee table, or it’s a great piece to have near your home’s entrance. There are so many ways to decorative with it.