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Keep Baby’s Bottles Warm Day & Night

When baby is hungry, there isn’t much time until your little one turns into a fussy monster. Before you know it, your baby is crying his/her lungs out.

Rushing to prepare a bottle at just the right temperature isn’t easy when your darling son or daughter is bawling, which is why being prepared pays off for both you and the baby.

The First Years Night & Day Bottle Warmer System is a portable device that has the ability to cool and heat a bottle of milk. So if you’re visiting nearby friends or far away relatives, you can always take your bottle system along with you. It can handle all types of bottles and even deal with baby food jars.

Other mom-friendly features include the built-in night light, which comes in handy for late night feedings and the automatic safety shut-off function.

A Crib Fit for Cinderella

When you have a child, you go into it knowing that you want to provide them with a better life than what you might have had. You want to give them things that you never had. Well, if you want your baby girl to feel like Cinderella, create a themed baby’s room fit for a princess.

The Cinderella Carriage Crib by Corsican is beautifully done in wrought iron. It has a storybook feel with the big wheels, vines curled around the top of the carriage, rosette accents along the connecting joints and decorative birds. The carriage crib measures 37” W x 79.5” L x 89” H, and it has six mattress height positions as well as a non-toxic finish.

The crib is made in the U.S.A., and it does meet the U.S. Safety Standards. Your child will be able to have restful sleep and dreams while in this fairy tale like bed.

Wii Just Dance Will Keep You on Your Toes

Ready to workout but don’t feel like doing steps or jogging on the treadmill? You can make exercising more fun and get your kids off the couch to join you with Just Dance, a game for Wii.

The game features over 30 tracks including old favorites like MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” and new songs like Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold.” Games like this are great ways to get in shape, and they are perfect for kid’s parties.

There is even a Dance on Broadway that features songs from favorite musicals including “Time Warp,” “Aquarius,” “All That Jazz,” “My Favorite Things” and more. Not only will you be sweating and learning new dance moves, but you will also have fun and provide entertainment for everyone.

Bring Back the 70s with a Modern Beaded Door Curtain

Did you have a beaded door curtain back in the day? Well, it’s never too late to add some hippie flair to your home. After all, they can add some mystery and allure to the entrance of a room.

The Coco-Bead Door Curtain from Pottery Barn Teen retails for $49, but is currently on special for $39. It measures 35.5’’ W x 77’’ L, and it can hook right on to a hanging rod mount, which makes it easy for doorway or wall installation. The curtain is made up of natural coconut beads that are hung from a rattan pole, so this is a more contemporary version of those beaded curtains in the 70s.

These beaded curtains are a great idea for children, especially teenagers who want to feel like they have more privacy. However, you can still keep an eye on them through the beaded curtain, or if you’re lucky, they might invite you in to chat for a while.

Metallic Baby Seat

Babies require you to be flexible, so it helps when you have versatile items that are functional in more ways than one. That way you’re not a frazzle parent.

The Fresco Seat Pad in metallic lunar silver has easy to clean micro-suede padding that will keep your baby comfortable whether he/she is in a highchair or resting in your arms or car seat. The padded harnesses will ensure that your baby stays safe and sound.

Since Play Bloom Fresco created this pad to provide 3-in-1 resting, feeding and play chair, you might want to have a few on hand. Another advantage to this seat pad is that it’s appropriate for newborns as well as school age children (up to 79 lbs.).

A Handful of a Chair

Every little girl has the right to love pink and enjoy sports, and finding ways to incorporate these two likes into your child’s room, can be fun.

This Pink Vinyl Baseball Glove Lounge Chair from is a soft chair that would go great in a kid’s room, game room or living room. Your up and coming baseball star will enjoy the 360 degree swivel chair, which is in light pink. This furniture is suggested for children one to three years of age.

The seat size measures 9.5” W x 12” D, so it’s perfect for kids to crawl into the mitt and increase their knowledge with a picture book or handheld game. The overall chair measures 25.25” W x 21” D x 21.25” H.

Incredibeds: Stuffed Animal Styled Childrens Beds

Looking for some fun furnishings for the children’s room? Since the bed takes up a lot of real estate and often does double duty as a sitting and sleeping area, it makes sense to make this the star of the room.

The folks over at Incredibeds have come up with some fun ones in the style of your favorite stuffed animals.

The plush bedframes are soft, so no worries about bumps on the head if Junior takes a tumble, and the stuffed-animal look and feel offers a comforting presence for kids concerned about the monsters in the closet coming out after dark.

You’ll also want to check out the “Bedjammies,” custom sheets to not only fit the bed but to act as fitting clothing for the stuffed animal. Hey, we wouldn’t want nekkid bears cavorting around the room.

Wish they’d had beds this cool when I was a kid!

Luxury Baby Gear: Ergonomic High Chair

Let’s face it, high chairs can be eye sores at the dining table. Some are just not very modern or complimentary to adult furniture. Even though your house has to be baby proofed, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice great style for your child. Depending on where you look, you can find amazingly stylish and functional high chairs.

The Svan High Chair kind of looks like a contraption, but it has a more modern design that is fully adjustable, and you can use it from infancy through adolescence. It’s also available in three different wood finishes, and there is an optional cushion you can add to the purchase too. Its Swedish construction will better fit in with your decor in comparison to traditional metal and juvenile looking high chairs.

An added advantage is that this high chair will probably be more comfortable for your child, because it prevents the kid’s legs from hitting the back of the chair.

Coat Tree Perfect for a Little Princess

When children are toddlers, they’re belongings such as coats, hats, gloves, sweaters, etc. can become hard to keep track of.

Instead of putting these belongings in different parts of the house, keeping them on a child-sized coat rack will ensure that they’re always in one place.

The Teamson Kids Coat Tree features a princess and a frog, and all of the details are hand painted. With a coat rack like this, your little girl will want to hang their coats and other accessories on it.

It measures 10 7/8” x 10 7/8” x 56 1/2”. The pink and green colors as well as the cute details will enhance your child’s room and only add to a princess theme.

Game, Set, Match: Weatherproof Table Tennis

An indoor game room is convenient during the fall and winter months, but when spring and summer comes around, it’s natural to spend more time outdoors. Since you might be unable to move your indoor game equipment outside, investing in one or two outdoor games can ensure a fun time.

The Kettler Match 3.0 Weatherproof Outdoor Tennis Table is considered international tournament size at 9′ x 5′, and the top is made from aluminum. There are also convenient paddle and ball holders so none of the accessories get lost. With the patented warp-proof top and clear coat, you can enjoy table tennis in the autumn or those rare mild winter days.

Some assembly is required with this product, but it has a 3-year manufacturer guarantee and four swiveling wheels for easy re-positioning.