Luxury Housing Trends

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Dollhouse Shelf

Dollhouses can keep young kids busy for hours. This might even be a toy you remember from your own childhood, and you can help your child create fun memories of their own.

The Dorm available from Ferm Living is like a storage wall shelf in dollhouse form. You can display anything from souvenirs, pictures, memorabilia and books. It measures 50 cm x 75 cm, and it would complement a children’s bedroom.

Your child could also use the Dorm to play house. Setup miniature furniture and use animals or small Barbie dolls to release you and your kid’s creative outlet. This model is made from plywood and can be used for either playtime or displaying objects. This is a piece that can grow with your child, and you might even want one for your living room or bedroom.

Family Video Game: Guilty Party

Nintendo Wii has so many family friendly games that can get everyone in your house up and moving. Whether you feel like dancing or want to exercise, there are some fun options out there.

Disney Guilty Party for the Wii is suitable for one to four players, and it’s designed for kids and families. In this game, it’s up to you to gather clues and figure out who is the guilty party. This video game is similar to the board game called Clue.

Along with brain power, you also have to rely on your reflexes while playing the mini games to gather hints and clues. This is also a perfect game for small social gatherings, because you can create head-to-head competitions.

Got Game? Get the Right Computer Keyboard

There are some nice computer keyboards out there, but if your kid is into computer games, you might want search a little harder.

The Logitech Wired Standard Gaming Keyboard is on sale for a limited time and has convenient features for those who love to play online games. It has an informative color gamepanel LCD screen, which tells you game stats, system information, video playback, image slideshows and more. It also has illuminated characters so you can play with little or no light. There are even twelve programmable G-key to improve your maneuverability.

This all-purpose keyboard is great for teens and college students. Other features include its intelligent cable management, the 2-port USB hub and the detachable palm rest.

Sing Through the Holidays

Take your favorite holiday tunes to the next level by singing them with friends and family members. It’s one thing to have a great entertainment system, but a karaoke machine makes sleepovers and adult cocktail parties more fun.

The Singing Machine STVG513 CD Karaoake Combo available from zZounds is a portable device that you can use wherever the party is at in or outside your home. It features a top load CD player, on-screen lyrics, AM/FM radio, two microphone inputs and a wood cabinet. This karaoke machine comes with one microphone and a CDG sampler.

Whether your child is having friends over for a birthday party or you’re entertaining friends, you can host a singing contest of your own.

Get Inspired with Multi-Purpose Rugs

Don’t let floor mats put you down! Rather than limit their use to the floor, think of the possibilities and the multiple purposes.

The Leaves Design Floor Mats available on come in moss and lime and teal and turquoise. This model is crafted from woven polyurethane so they’re durable for indoor use.

Aside from laying the floor mat in front of your doorway, you have other, more creative options. Since this mat has a beautiful yet simple floral design, you can decorate a child’s room by hanging it on the wall. Or, spread the mat out onto the porch, patio, poolside or kitchen. The mat measures 0.25” H x 8” W x 2.5” D, and the bright colors can cheer up a wall or floor.

Personalize the Fireplace Christmas Stockings

Once Thanksgiving is over next week, it’s going to be time to pull out the Christmas decorations and start creating a winter wonderland. One way to make the holiday really special is to hang personalized decorations throughout the house. What makes you or your kids fond of Christmas?

Hanging the Christmas Stockings makes it feel like the holiday is so near. It also makes you think about all of the wonderful gifts you might be getting. At Frontgate, you can purchase luxurious stockings made from velvet, silk and chenille. The stocking features gold-plated bells, elegant trimming and the option to personalize it with you and your family members’ names.

You can choose between green and red stockings and alternating the colors is a cute idea for the fireplace.

Black Friday Deal: Nintendo DSi Console

Children and video games seem to go hand in hand these days, so if you want to surprise your kid with the best gift ever this year, consider a handheld system. Target has a spectacular Black Friday deal coming up that you don’t want to miss.

The Nintendo DSi Gaming Console that usually sells for about $150 is going to marked down to $119.99! Your kids will love this high-powered video game system that comes in a sleek white design. You can even take photos with the built-in camera and browse the Internet. Technically, it’s more than a video game system.

This is a great way to keep your children entertained during those winter storms, and you can always take it away as punishment in the future, right? It’s the perfect deal for kids and parents all around!

Travel Ready Crib and Bassinet

A crib or bassinet is essential for your baby, and it’s wise to consider your lifestyle before committing to purchase. If you’re going to be traveling with the baby for work purposes or showing him/her off to friends and family, you’re going to want a travel ready bed.

The Graco Wood Travel Lite Crib and Bassinet in Oasis is a beautifully designed baby bed. What makes this model unique is that it has natural wood legs, which make it more like a traditional crib than a portable one. It also has the capability to convert into a playard and this is convenient for weekends spent at grandma’s. It’s also a nice model when you have limited space in an apartment or condo.

This bassinet comes with quilted bumpers and a mattress pad to keep your bug snug as a bug in a rug. There is even a slumber dome canopy to shade the baby from the sun.

Light Up Your Kids Obsession for Bugs

Some kids are so fascinated with creepy crawling critters, and they’re constantly bringing the outdoors inside. It’s great that your child wants to examine the world, but it’s not so great when bugs and dirt are tracked throughout your home. One way to encourage your child’s interests and keep your house clean is to setup a fun ant farm.

Uncle Milton’s Illuminated Ant Farm Gel Colony is an exciting way for kids to explore bugs. It has a modern design and a light up feature with the LED light. This is best for children above age eight due to several choking hazards.

This ant farm uses green nutrient-rich gel for the ants to dig and build their tunnels through, so when the LED light is on, it enables you to closely examine the ant’s 3-D tunnels. The gel hydrates and nourishes the insects so no feeding or watering is needed.

Parisian Canopy Bed for a Child’s Room

Canopy beds have a relaxing tone and a classic presence. Although they have a mature feel, certain designs can look beautiful in a little girl’s room.

The Parisian Full Size Canopy Bed from Sam’s Club was designed with Parisian architecture in mind, but the wavy lines of the metal bed give it a young, fresh feel. This bed features hand-textured spirals over pewter and an antique finish. It comes with curved canopy braces, side rails and the bed frame.

This model measures 61 3/8” W x 78 3/8” D x 71 3/4” H, and there is some assembly required. If you’re looking for a grown up bed for your daughter, this is a great design, and you can match her personality with colorful bedding and pillows.