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Waterproof TV For the Bathroom

If you’ve ever thought about catching the morning news while you’re in the shower or relaxing in your whirlpool tub with a good movie, you may be interested in this product. The Aquavision LCD TV is designed specifically for use in the bathroom. Not only is it waterproof but it addresses something the bathroom mirror tv folks might not have thought of: steam. The Aquavision TV has a heated screen which ensures the picture doesn’t steam up. It comes standard with a waterproof remote.


Foot Massagers

Foot massagers can feel great at the end of a long day of standing. One example is the Jentle Ped from MTI Whirlpools. It is an at-home foot massager that uses heat, massage, and whirlpool jets to sooth tired achy feet.

Product Notes:

Built of durable Lucite cast acrylic, the Jentle Ped uses MTI’s whirlpool technology to soothe and rejuvenate tired feet. The Jentle Ped features four directional mini-jets and has an ergonomically sloped floor so the user can stretch the plantar fascia (the ligament that forms the arch on the sole of the foot). Measuring 28″ x 23″ x 13″ (at the deep end) or 10.5″ (at the shallow end), the Jentle Ped is a convenient size for installation in the bathroom, home health spa, utility room or numerous other locations in your home.


Concrete Sinks with Class

Looking for a concrete pedestal sink? Stonehenge Concrete Works in Bothell, Washington creates distinct custom countertops, tiles, fireplace surrounds, and sinks made from concrete. They have two styles of concrete: NeoLith and DuraLith. Neolith is especially high-strength and low-shrinkage. DuraLith is built to be stain-resistant. Their Arts & Craft style pedestal sink can be mounted on stainless steel or finished bamboo frames, or a matching concrete pedestal. They have numerous colors available (below is “Monte Cristo pewter” from the May/June 2005 issue of Custom Home magazine.)


Top 5 Bathroom Home Improvements That Add Value to Your Home

According to How to Increase the Value of Your Home, there are five bathroom home improvements that can “dramatically transform your bathroom.”

1. Install new countertops.
2. Replace the sink and faucet.
3. Install a new shower/bath tub. (As LHT mentioned in Home Improvement for Home Value: Which Improvements Pay Off?, luxury showers are more desired by homeowners today than fancy tubs.)
4. Install new flooring.
5. Update the lighting to include necessary task lighting and accent lighting to give the room a warm ambiance.

Source: How to Increase the Value of Your Home
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Hansgrohe Rainmaker Shower

Today’s showers and showerheads are bigger and better. There are a wide variety of spray effects availabe, everything from a vigorous massage to a tropical downpour. One of the current trends is showerheads that are flush to the ceiling, dropping water straight down. These sleek showers offer a modern, uncluttered look in the bathroom. One example is Hansgrohe’s Rainmaker which sits flush to the ceiling and drops 46 liters of water a minute with a choice of spray patterns and even lighting effects.


Home Saunas

Home saunas are becoming more popular, whether custom built installations or do-it-yourself sauna kits. Some people swear by the soothing dry heat for promoting good health or just relaxing the body. One company that sells home sauna kits is Finlandia in Portland, Oregon. They offer both indoor and outdoor saunas in several types of woods, such as redwood, red cedar, and western hemlock. Prices of home saunas range depending on size and whether you order a precut or custom built package. Finlandia asks that you call them for specifics.


Fogless Bathroom Mirror Anyone?

So guys, you’d actually like to be able to shave when you get out of the shower, eh? I’ve seen a few little shaving mirrors out there that claim to be fogless, but ClearMirror’s heating element that goes behind your regular bathroom mirror, may be the most convenient.

“Simply speaking, a ClearMirror® is a very thin heater that is adhered to the back of a mirror and wired to the same power supply as the bathroom light fixture, fan or separate switch. When turned on the pad heats up, preventing condensation on the surface of the mirror.”

ClearMirror also has a version that works in the shower.


Kohler Sok Bathtub

The Kohler Sok (pronounced “soak”) is a large 41″ by 75″ bathtub that allows you to be submerged to your chin in water that never gets cold. The water continuously spills over the tub’s edge into water channels that reheat and recirculate the water through small air jets that create small soothing bubbles. This luxury bathtub also has underwater LED light ports for chromatherapy. They gradually cycle through a progression of eight colors, or with a touch, you can choose to hold one color indefinitely.

Kohler Sok Tub

Color Changing Sink

I saw an interesting sink mentioned on the Home and Garden Channel tonight. The Nymphaea bathroom sink from the Whitehaus Collection changes color from blue to red, depending on the temperature of the water. LEDS embedded in the glass basin make this possible. I’m not sure who actually needs a color changing sink, but if you’re looking for something unique for the bathroom, maybe it’s for you. Here’s a blurb from the Whitehaus site:

“Nymphaea is the only glass basin, which changes color with the temperature of the water and creates a magnificent and relaxing atmosphere. This beautifully hand-crafted crystal glass basin line was designed around the concept of light and color, known as chromatherapy, to create a world of beauty and purity right in your own bathroom.”


Spinning Showerhead Anyone?

There are lots of new options for showers out there including a variety of showerheads with unique features. The Danze Spinning Showerhead 7 appropriately has 7 jets that revolve to give you an invigorating shower experience (or it works for just getting you clean, too). The 9 inch adjustable extension arm attachs to your showerarm to make this showerhead easy to position. It’s available in brushed nickel, chrome, PVD, and polished brash finishes.