Corner Medicine Cabinet Can Be Smart for Small Bathrooms

If you’ve got a powder room or a small bathroom where you’re trying to make the most efficient use of space, a corner sink and corner medicine cabinet may fit the floor plan well. Cabinets with mirrors help create the illusion of more space, while a storage area behind that mirror is practical, even in rooms primarily used by guests.

While these corner-mounted pieces aren’t as common as sinks and cabinets meant to stand flat against a wall, they are certainly out there, and if you look online, you can find a larger variety than at the home improvement store.

The corner medicine cabinet here is from Robern.


Custom Copper Urinal for the Bathroom of Your Dreams

As long as you’re building the bathroom of your dreams, you may as well install the toilet (or in this case urinal) of your dreams.

Yes, even these functional pieces can be custom designed for just the look you like.

This custom-built copper urinal was done by the folks at Diamond Spas and features an “aggressive hand buffed finish.” I’m sure the lady of the house appreciates this too–with a urinal that big, chances are the menfolk are less likely to miss.

If you like that copper look, you can go all the way with a matching tub and bathroom sink. Browse the company’s site to see other cool metal bathroom and spa furnishings.


Old-fashioned Clawfoot Tub Deserves Cool Antique Faucet

Those who live in historic houses often choose to remodel in a manner that remains true to the time period the home was built in.

In the bathroom, you don’t necessarily want an antique tub that really is 100 years old, but you can find lots of companies offering reproductions. This gives the benefits of modern technology with the look of the authentic pieces. If you’re installing a clawfoot tub as part of your authentic bathroom remodel, you’ll probably want a faucet that looks right for the period too.

This antique clawfoot tub faucet from the Plumbing Supply Store has a traditional look and sports separate hot and cold metal lever handles. The built-in soap dish answers the question of where you put the soap bar when you’ve got a clawfoot tub.

The product description does note that the eccentric spout doesn’t meet modern building codes in many areas, so that’s something to check into before you put in any authentic or reproduction period fixtures!


Glass Pedestal Sink Wows in the Bathroom

It’s not all that uncommon to see glass vessel sinks in the bathroom, but it’s not too often you see the whole sink, including the support, made from glass. This pedestal sink from Rennaissance Glassworks is certainly a beauty.

“Inspired by the most splendid traditional European wash basins, this exclusive line of vanities and sinks will give your contemporary bathroom an incomparable air of Renaissance aesthetics.”

For this bathroom sink (model LAS121), both the small integral round basin and the column are made from glass, and there are several colors available (the blue and green are quite striking). Trim choices include gold, chrome, brushed nickel, satin gold, and un-plated copper (to paint).


Drop in Concrete Sinks for the Bathroom

Concrete isn’t just for patios any more. It’s increasingly popular inside homes–even in the bathroom.

We’ve looked at concrete sinks before, but most of them have been integrated into the vanity itself, meaning both sink and vanity are one piece that probably needs to be poured on site. It’s certainly possible, however, to order a stunning drop-in concrete sink that can go into a standard hole in your existing counter top.

The Lunar sink from Lithistone comes in your choice of Marbled Bone, Light Yellow Clay, or Rustic Red with exposed aggregate, and it can include a drain hole so it’s all ready to install when it arrives on your doorstep.

This is one of several drop-in sinks the company makes (and they’ve got vessel sinks too), so take a peek at their site if you dig the idea of concrete in the bathroom.


Wall-mounted Glass Soap Dish

If you seek to keep your bathroom free of clutter, one way is to get a soap dish that mounts on the wall instead of sitting on the sink or counter.

This keeps the soap easily accessible but lends a clean look to the sink area. And you can do the same with wall-mounted toothbrush and cup holders (I haven’t seen any holders yet for those of us who prefer squirt pump soap, but they are probably out there too).

You can find lots of styles out there. This flat glass soap dish by Ginger is an elegant solution to de-cluttering the bathroom, and there are matching towel racks and other accessories for the matching look.

$85 from Knobs and Things


Rustic Cedar Bathroom Vanities for Log Lovers

For some people, luxury is a hip, modern loft in the city, and for others it’s a log home in the mountains on a big piece of property. If you fall into the latter camp, and you’re shopping for a bathroom vanity, then you might dig something like this custom cedar piece.

It’s the work of “Cedar Stuff,” a Michigan-based company specializing in cedar log furniture and rustic decor. For kitchen cupboards and bathroom vanities, they’ll make pieces to order, so if you’re taller or shorter than average or have a funky layout to work with, you can get something that will fit juuuust right.

Vanities such as this one are constructed from a plywood frame and wrapped in cedar boards with full log corners–it’s the ultimate in the rustic look and feel. Sanded smooth, the pieces feature 2″ thick tops and nylon roller drawer slides for smooth access.

Cedar Stuff


Get Creative — DIY Shower Rod Works Great with High Ceilings

Can’t find a shower rod that works well in your bathroom? What if you made your own?

Not everybody might get excited by this idea, but the folks over at Chronically Uncool (who may just be cooler than they think) made this puppy.

Crafted from a ceiling mounted curtain rod, it features chain extensions (secured by drapery clips) between the rod and its rings. The end result is that any rectangle of fabric can be used (no loops, grommets, rod pockets, etc. required) , not just dedicated shower curtains.

Considering what a challenge it can be to find a shower curtain you like, this system might not be such a bad idea. Also, it’s a clever solution for a bathroom with a high ceiling (it looks a little odd if your shower rod is several feet below the ceiling).


Sanijet Pipeless Whirlpool Bathtub Is “Ultraquiet”

Dreaming of a whirlpool bathtub? Though tubs aren’t typically used as often as showers, those jets massaging your achy muscles at the end of a long day can be wonderful. Some whirlpool tubs, though, sound like jet engines taking off. If quiet is more your style, you might want to check into the residential offerings from Sanijet.

Their bathtubs have jets but the innards are pipeless, which apparently cuts down on the noise (no rumbling pumps and blowers) and makes them two times quieter than piped systems and four times quieter than air-bubble systems. Also, since there are no pipes, there aren’t any dark and damp nooks where bacteria can collect. The jets are on the surface and removable, so you can easily clean them by hand.

Some of the tubs also come with a control panel that let’s you pre-program your favorite massage settings. It sounds like you can just push a button and your perfect bath awaits.



Freeform Organic Sinks Made from Recycled Glass

I love the variety of bathroom sinks available these days. It’s really become an art form with glass, tile, and ceramic artists creating myriad colors and styles. And if you’re into the green movement, you can find plenty of options that are eco-friendly too.

This freeform organic sink from Bear Creek Glass is made from recycled glass. Named the “Ocean,” it would certainly make an eye-catching focal point for any bathroom.

Each bowl is handcrafted and available in numerous colors (with custom colors available too). Large (19 inches in diameter and 6 inches deep) and small (16 inches wide and 4 inches deep) sizes are available with prices at $1,795 and $1,895.