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Sleek Black Carbon Fiber Bathtub from Corcel

Bathtubs have a tendency to be white. Or off-white. Oh, sure we’ve seen a few exceptions (such as this natural stone granite tub), but people usually play it safe with the tub. They certainly don’t buy solid black, carbon fiber models.

But…this sleek bathtub from Corcel might change your mind.

“A symbol of opulence equal to the gold toilet, this carbon fiber tub sports a sleek, streamlined shape, is best matched with a modern, standalone faucet, and may/may not come from space and make racecar noises, as the movie suggests. Limited to just 51 units worldwide.”

The price hasn’t been announced yet, but if they’re only making 51 tubs, you can bet owning one will come at a premium!



via Uncrate

  1. 10/19/2011 | 7:32 am Permalink

    It looks like a spaceship… and why 51?