Key Cabinet Boosts Home Security

Lindsay ~ 5 September 2011

If you have a big family, and lots of people come and go around your house, it makes sense to keep your car and house keys someplace safe. No, tossing them on the ledge by the front door doesn’t count.

A key cabinet is an inexpensive investment, and it can boost your overall home security, since you always know where your keys are. It can also help out if you’re prone to leave your keys all over the house and lose them from time to time–having a set place to store them might save you some time in the mornings.

The First Alert 3060F Steel Key Cabinet is an inexpensive option (less than $20 at Amazon), and it should offer plenty of key storage space for the average family. Of course, you need a key to get into the unit. For a little more, you can buy one that you access through a combination code. An example is the GE AccessPoint TouchPoint 30-Key Cabinet.

Either would be a good investment and make for a safe place to store your keys.

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