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Designer Drains or “Jewelry for Your Shower”

When it comes to upgrading the shower part of your bathroom, there are lots of things you can do. For instance, maybe you’re thinking of a new showerhead, something with jets? Or perhaps a steam generator to turn your stall into a mini steam room? And of course you’ll want to get snazzy fixtures and maybe some custom textured glass walls or doors. But what about the drain?

This necessary shower piece is often overlooked, but it’s an additional spot where you can add flair in the bathroom.

The aptly named Designer Drains site has a variety of interesting options, whether you need a square or round drain, a geometric pattern or something inspired by nature. Prices start around $50 and can run as high as $140 for a seahorse-styled drain from their “Oceanus” line, but that may not be a large investment for something you’ll look at every day.

Designer Drains


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