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Generate Your Own Energy with a Wind Turbine Tower

The wind is powerful force that can be easily captured and converted into energy so you can live more off of the grid and enjoy lower utility bills. While alternative energy might not be your strong point, there are wind turbine kits that can make the transition easier.

The Proven Energy 2.5 kW 300 V Wind Turbine Grid Tie has a 36′ tower, foundation kit, rectifier and inverter. Although this particular model is on the high end in regards to price, it’s designed to provide power except for heating for a standard three-bedroom home.

This particular model is created so that it doesn’t make much noise, and it also requires little maintenance on your end. It has several other features that make it a more desirable wind turbine if you’re new to alternative energy gadgets.

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    Again, it all depends on the type of building and also planning permission. I spoke to someone from the energy saving trust and we had a long discussion. These things are expensive to set up for the individual.