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Mosaic Outdoor Rug Weathers It All

Finding a rug suitable to withstand the elements can be difficult, but the Harlow Mosaic Outdoor Area Rug can enrich your outdoor living space and stay beautiful for years to come.

This rug was designed by Liora Manné for Frontgate by using the ancient art of felting and the latest fiber technology. The designer created an intricate mosaic rug that has durability and softness. In addition, the watercolor effect that is created through the Lamontage process makes this rug look even richer.

Since this rug has natural antimicrobials, it’s protected against mold, bacteria, odor and mildew. Also, the latex finish prevents fraying and sagging around the edges. If you do spill something on the rug or Mother Nature gets it dirty, all you need is soap and water to clean it up.

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