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Live, Love & Laugh Picture Set with Wall Decor

The phrase “Live, Love Laugh” has become quite a popular one, especially in wall decor. These three words can commemorate special moments in your life as well as remind you on a daily basis to live your life to the fullest and enjoy the people around you. Now you can have this phrase on your wall with this eight piece picture set.

The Wallverbs 8-Piece Frame and Plaque Set features these three words as well as a combination of frames and plaques. This set comes with a frame that holds two 4×6 photos, one that holds one 5×7 and two 4×6 photos, another that holds three 4×6 pics, a fourth one that holds one 8×10 photo and the fifth one holds three 4×6 pics and one 4×4 photo.

You can display a variety of photos and memorialize important events in your life.