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Listen to TV Wirelessly

When you live with a roommate or your significant other, you’re most likely not going to have the same bedtimes. Although you should be able to watch anything you want at any volume on your television, this isn’t always the case. If you want to avoid bothering the person you sleep with or the person who is sleeping down the hall from you, invest in headphones for your television.

These Wireless Television Headphones enable you to watch a game, movie or show at any volume without interrupting the people living or sleeping around you. For them to work, you have to hook up a small transmitter in the television’s audio jack. The transmitter sends the sound to your headphones. Since the headphones are wireless, you can multitask while you watch and listen. The headphones work up to 35 feet away from the transmitter.

You can even use more than one headphones at once, so if your loved one needs to listen to the show at a louder volume, you can make this happen while having the show at your desired volume.