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Spanish-style Rooftop Patios

A Spanish-style balcony patio off of your bedroom can create a relaxing atmosphere for soaking up the sun during the day and enjoying some gourmet cheese and wine before bed. The main elements would include warm toned patio stones, glass doors with wrought iron inlay and a spiral staircase leading to the backyard.

Patio stones with earthy colors such as brown and orange can provide a warming foundation for a Spanish-style balcony patio. Depending on your taste, the stones can be arranged in any of the following patterns: random with cut pavers, random with irregular pavers, regular rows with cut pavers of equal size or regular rows with cut pavers in varying sizes.

Glass doors can enable you to appreciate the patio even when you’re indoors, and wrought iron detailing can enhance them without taking away from the view. Also, a spiral staircase can create convenience, save space and add drama. Wrought Iron Doors can create custom door, stair railing and balcony railing to meet your needs.



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