Hose Nozzle with “WaterWatch” Spray Meter

How much water do you use spraying your plants with the hose?

You might be surprised at how much of a resource hog the hose nozzle is, even for a quick hand watering in the evening. Now you can see exactly how much you’re using with this special hose nozzle, which comes with a spray meter.

The WaterWatch garden sprayer helps you conserve water by showing you how much you’re using. The 8-pattern sprayer is made from impact-resistant polymers, so it should hold up for a while too.

Seeing how much water you’re using on your plants might just be enough to convince you to install drip irrigation for your landscape and garden (or at least hook up your hose to some rain barrels instead of using water from the spigot).

$18 from Bright Green Ideas.