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Bicycle-Powered Blender

So, you’re trying to save money by using less electrical power around the house. Well, here’s an alternative way to power your blender:

This bike blender kit turns your standard bicycle into a way to convert your energy into something more useful than watching TV and eating potato chips.

“The basic Mini-B3 set up includes a universal rear rack that will attach to nearly all Mountain bikes (26″ wheel size), and Hybrid/Road bikes (27″/700c wheel size). The included rear rack features vertical adjustability which allows for the range of compatible wheel sizes… Three stainless steel machine screws hold the bearing in place and secure the blender to the rack. Unique clamping design allows for a range of blender positions that accommodate tire widths of up to 2.25 inches. Machined plastic parts are dishwasher safe and virtually unbreakable.”

It’s the ultimate in green living, for one kitchen appliance at least. Now if only I could hook the microwave up to this…

From the Peddlars’ Wagon.