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10 Toilet Seat Covers to Perk up Your Bathroom

From elegant to tacky (mostly tacky), toilet seat covers are an easy way to add a lot of personality to a bathroom.

Some are fuzzy, furry, or otherwise heated to keep your bum warm in the winter, and some are mountain or beach themed, perfect for adding just the right degree of whimsy to a vacation cottage.

Some toilet seat covers are simply decorative, while others have built-in germ-resistant treatments to keep your family healthier (their backsides anyway). Some replace your toilet seat and lid entirely while others simply slip on like socks.

But enough talk… Let’s take a closer look at some of the options out there.

10 Toilet Seat Covers to Perk up Your Bathroom


The Comfy Covers Germ Resistant Toilet Seat Cover is available in light blue, white, navy, and yellow. Machine-washable and dryer safe, its germ-resistant treatment won’t wash out.


If you’ve been looking for a way to display your patriotism in the bathroom (hey, who hasn’t?), a toilet seat cover with your country’s flag on it is an option. The Stars & Stripes Seat Sock isn’t a permanent fixture: it simply slides snugly over your existing toilet seat cover. If you like the idea, you can get the “seat socks” in several variations, so you can change your toilet decorations with the seasons… or at whim.


A simple white toilet can look out of place in a log or timberframe house. If you want a woody accent, then this Burled Wood Toilet Seat Cover could be the way to go.


The Seashell Beach Toilet Seat Cover is just the ticket for your seaside cottage, just in case the sand dollars on the window sill in the bathroom weren’t beachy enough. Oh, and this cover comes with a matching rug.


While you can replace your existing seat or cover it up with a “sock,” you can also just get a non-permanent “toilet tattoo” to stick on the top. For the frog lover in the family, this Frogs in the Moonlight Toilet Tatto is sure to produce a cheerful grin. And there are lots of other designs, if frogs aren’t your cup of tea.


Remember when I mentioned tacky toilet seat covers? Well, this list wouldn’t be complete without a leopard skin version. The Leopard Skin and Black Padded Toilet Seat will work for all those jungle-themed bathrooms out there (all three of them).


The Brondell Swash 700 Luxury Toilet Seat is a lot more than just a seat cover (something that’s reflected in its $650 price tag). The remote-control heated toilet seat’s “hygienic warm water posterior wash offers a gentle and effective cleansing spray, eliminating the need for harsh toilet paper. The feminine wash offers benefits to pregnant, menstruating, and sexually active women, leaving them shower fresh after each use.” Definitely more than just a cover for your toilet.


If you have a goal to become wealthy (or maybe just get a raise at work), the Money and Gold Toilet Seat Covers will remind you of your goals every morning when you step into the bathroom to do your business.


What collection of toilet seat covers would be complete without one featuring an underwater scene? These cavorting fish and dolphins can be seen on the Solo Underwater Dolphin Toilet Seat Cover.


And finally, for the children’s bathroom, cartoon-inspired seat covers. This Dora the Explorer Toilet Lid Cover is one of several covers featuring the cartoon heroine. You know you’ve made it when you’re face is adorning toilets across America.

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    Hey, I really like this post! Showing “10” of something is a great idea.

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    Ignore Karl, he’s just grumpy because he didn’t see his favorite. I personally like the money seat, some of my best ideas do come from that model :-)

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    Does anyone know where I can get a cloth style toilet seat cover to fit an Ejier style toilet seat? This type of seat is neither round, nor elongated, rather it has more of a square front. The covers we purchased from Kohls, JC Penny or Sears will not fit, as they are made for round or elongated seats.

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    Great idea for personalizing your home!