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Covered Storage Cubby for Your Recycling & Garbage Cans

If you don’t have a garage–or your garage is stuffed to the brim with stuff–you may have to leave your garbage and recycling bins outside during the week. If you don’t have a fence or a hedge to hide them behind, they can be eye sores. And in the winter, they can become covered with snow and ice. It’s just not that fun to chisel the lid open every time you take out the garbage.

A solution to the eye-sore and snow-and-ice-chiseling problems is to get an outdoor storage unit suitable for the bins.

The Green Pod Storage Unit can be used for garden or tool storage, but it’s just the right height and depth to accommodate those garbage cans and recycling bins. It’s made from cedar–a long-lasting wood that resists the elements well–and should prove an attractive cubby for storing your bins.

$699 at Gazebos & Garden Sheds