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Finding Cheap Laminate Flooring, Under $1 Per Square Foot

Whether you’re remodeling a rental or just looking to tear our your carpets for something easier to maintain, laminate flooring can be an affordable option. Some styles can be almost as costly as hardwoods though, so it pays to look around before buying.

You can find relatively cheap laminate flooring ($1 per square foot or less) at Ikea and Lumber Liquidators.

You can shop at both stores online if there aren’t brick-and-mortar versions in your area. Of course, those cheap prices are just for the flooring–installation isn’t included. However, since laminate flooring can often be installed in a “floating” manner (meaning it can go over existing vinyl, concrete, etc.), it’s a relatively doable DIY project for those with decent cutting tools.

The picture here shows Ikea’s “Hemse” flooring, which currently sells for 74 cents a square foot.

Keep in mind when buying cheap flooring materials that you often get what you pay for. These laminate floors probably won’t be your dream floors, but they may be an improvement over what you have, and in a household filled with kids and pets, it can sometimes be more practical to install floors that are easy to maintain and yet don’t cost a fortune.


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