Okay Guys, Here’s Your Beer Bottle Top Table

Lindsay ~ 21 October 2008

Any guys out there looking for furnishings for your “man cave” or game room? Or maybe you’re a bachelor and you don’t need to buy furniture that meets with wifely approval.

Well, if either of those sounds like you, then here’s a unique table option:

The beer bottle top tabletop.

Made by Etsy artist Humdrumandhumble, the beer cap laden tabletop is made from 3/4″ plywood with stained pine edging. The beer caps are set in tile adhesive, grouted, and finished with a durable, “poured bar top” resin finish.

The tabletop comes without legs, so you need to have a base to put it on. Fortunately, the artist will make the top with dimensions to match your proposed table base.

The price for the unit shown here is $395 (not a bad deal when you consider how many bottles of beer the creator had to buy and drink in order to come up with the “materials”!)