Heated Bathtubs Keep the Water Warm Longer

Lindsay ~ 30 October 2008

A relaxing soak in the bathtub can be great after a long day, but it’s kind of a drag when the water gets cold before you’re ready to get out. For those of us who like to take a book in the tub and stay a while, this is especially noticeable. The solution? A heated bathtub, of course.

Many of the tub models from MTI Whirlpools can be ordered with a radiant heat option.

The technology warms the interior surface of the tub. Turn on the heat while you’re filling the bath, and by the time the tub is full, the walls will be warm as well. Not only is the water around you warm, but the tub is warm against your back too.

The heated tubs come with three different levels, so you can choose a warmth zone that’s just right for you. Get one of these tubs, and you’ll never find yourself sitting in lukewarm water again!