Steam Cleaner for Hard Surface Floors

Generally hard surface floors (tile, laminate, hardwoods, etc.) are easily to keep looking better than carpets, since you can wipe up spills easily, but even those glorious hardwood floors of yours can get a little gunky with buildup over time. Instead of scrubbing away with a mop or brush, you might have fun with a more powerful tool, such as this hard surface floor steam cleaner. The upright floor cleaner is supposed to be “the most effective steam-powered alternative to mop-and-bucket for sealed hardwood, ceramic tile, or linoleum.” Fill it with regular tap water (no need to add chemical cleaners), warm it up for a few minutes, and set it to work removing dirt, scuff marks, food stains, etc. without damaging your floors. The base is small enough that you should be able to get into those corners and under furniture. At any rate, the steam cleaner looks like less work than scrubbing on your hands and knees. $99 from Hammacher Shclemmer: Hard Surface Floor Steam Cleaner