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Decorate with Disney, Door Knockers, Yard Accents, and More

If you’ve got kids, chances are Disney products already adorn your house, fill your bookcases, and spill out of your DVD shelves. For some people, this is enough, but if the kids want more (or you’ve got a bit of Disney nostalgia lingering from your own childhood), you can decorate the yard, front porch, and even your door with Disney paraphernalia.

Just check out this Mickey Mouse Door Knocker.

Why should anyone have to apply their knuckles to your door when they can give a hearty rap with Mickey?

Or perhaps you’d prefer a weather vane? A plaque with your house numbers? A lawn marker? A doormat?

These are all available in Disney versions from Yardiac. Prices vary depending on the object, but you can pick up the Mickey Mouse door knocker for $43:

Mickey Mouse Door Knocker