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Stone Spa Surrounds for Your Hot Tub

When you buy a hot tub, the costs generally include a surround or “skirt,” and most of them are kind of faux wood looking. Generally speaking, that’s not a horrible thing, but if you’d like something a little more interesting, you may dig these stone spa surrounds, aka SpaStone Surrounds.

They’re available with a couple of the models from HotSprings, and though they’re just as faux as the “wood” cabinets, many might consider the stone look more attractive than wood. Hook it all up, and you can pretend you’re retreating to your little natural stone grotto to dip in the hot springs, rather than just the hot tub you installed in a corner of your suburban yard.

Available in “Earth” or “Gray” stone, the panels can partially or fully surround your tub, and you can also get matching steps.


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