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Dead Goose Decoy Scares Away Pest Geese

I’m not sure a dead duck, pheasant, or goose in my yard says luxury or even class, but I guess I could see getting a fake one if I had a lot of trouble with pest birds. If you’re trying to get rid of geese running rampant through your garden or noisy ducks taking over the pond you worked so hard to install as a place you could relax, then you might try this interesting form of pest control.

“This realistic dead goose decoy is placed in an”agony” posture, convincing live geese that a predator has made a fresh kill, tapping into fear and flight response in the live geese, causing them to flee the area.”

I have a feeling I’d end up startling myself (and poor visiting guests) more often than the geese, but if you’re looking for a non-chemical way to keep pest birds out, I suppose you could try this.

Oh, the product description mentions that you have to have at least two dead geese decoys and rotate them regularly (so the real geese believe the predator is still in the area and still munching geese). Hey, who said pest control was easy?

$95 gets you a two-goose kit from Birdbusters.


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