Solar Brick Lights Install Right into Your Path or Patio

Solar landscape lighting is very popular these days, with all of the major home improvement stores carrying several options (shoot, you can even find solar path lights at Costco). We’ve looked at a quite a few possibilities for the yard, such as solar deck post lights, cheerful solar flower lamps, and solar driveway markers. Well, here’s an option for your paths and walkways:

Solar brick lights.

Since they’re the size of bricks, they’re made to fit right into a brick garden path or walkway. Just pluck out a couple of your existing bricks, and slip these lamps in for a no-cost way to light up your yard at night.

The solar collection panel is integrated into light, so need to have a separate collector. Since the lamps are made using high impact polycarbonate plastic that is rated to withstand a car’s weight, you could also install these in your driveway.

$50 from Specialty Living