Cool Deck Ideas

Lindsay ~ 20 January 2008

So, it’s time to build the deck of your dreams. This can be a great investment, as outdoor living space can not only increase the value of your home, but it gives you a wonderful place to hang out with friends and family during the warm months. And unlike patios, decks can be elevated and afford you views of the neighborhood or whatever is out your back door.

However, a boring old square or rectangular deck can be a drag. If you’re going to build a new outdoor living space from scratch, at least make it cool. Here are some ideas to get your creative deck-designing juices flowing.

Deck with Built-in Firepit


Outdoor fireplaces and firepits can be a lot of fun on cool evenings. They invite friends and family members to pull up a seat and chat while roasting a hot dog, browning (or charring) a marshmallow, or just warming one’s hands. Check the building codes in your area before installing a fire pit or fireplace, but in many places they can absolutely be worked into a deck.

Leaf Deck


Experiment with different shapes. Decks don’t have to be squares or rectangles. There aren’t any rules. If you want your deck to be built in the shape of leaves or some other fun shape, there’s someone out there who can do it for you!

Decks Built Around Trees


Are the trees in your backyard keeping you from building your dream deck? If you’re a nature lover, the idea of cutting them down could be unappealing, but it may be possible to build a deck right around them. The deck shown here even incorporates built-in seating into the spots around the trees. Take your morning cup of coffee outside and sit beneath your favorite tree, all while enjoying the view from your deck.

Multi-Level Decks


If you want to be able to get down to your yard from a second-story deck, then you can build a long set of stairs, but if you’ve got room a multi-level deck can be more appealing. Give your guests lots of space to spread out on when you’re entertaining, or just break up the descent to the yard.

These are just a few deck ideas. You can get all sorts by browsing DIY deck and design books. Examples include Deck Designs: Plus Pergolas, Railings, Planters, Benches and Design Ideas for Decks.

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3 December

I like this article.

As a contractor I am faced with the challenge of helping people design different types of decks for their own individual tastes.

I am starting to see more and more of these types of decks. It seems people are starting to stem away from the traditional rectangular decks, and are starting to go with multi-level decks, and different types of shapes.

Great article for anyone who is planning on building a new deck that distances itself from the norm.

lincoln welders

4 February

I do love these decks, and they look great!
If i have that big of a space in my yard, I’ll definitely do something!
Thanks so much for sharing!


8 June

Love these looks! The circular shaped deck is an attention-getter.