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Can Above Ground Pools Be Classy?

If you’re dreaming of a backyard with a swimming pool, chances are you’re dreaming of an in-ground model. But in-ground pools are expensive to install and maintain, so above-ground pools can be an alternative.

Now you may be thinking of inflatable pools or those plastic-looking ones that are eye sores, but in truth you can indeed make an above ground pool look good. The one shown here has wood siding, and that alone goes quite a ways in making it more appealing than plastic, inflatable pools.

Also, if you’re planning for your pool to be a semi-permanent structure, you can even build an elevated deck around it, giving the illusion that it’s an in-ground (or at least “in deck”) swimming pool.

In the picture below, you probably didn’t even think the pool was an above ground model, at least not at first glance. So, yes folks, it’s possible to have an above-ground pool that looks classy (and you can have it installed a lot more quickly and economically than in-ground models).above-ground-pool-with-deck.jpg