Whiskey Barrels Transformed into Train Garden Planter

I enjoy browsing the aisles at my local home improvement store, but I’ll be the first to admit they rarely have standout decorative pieces. They carry the stuff that appeals to the mainstream. That’s understandable, but what do you do if you want say garden planters that don’t look like the ones everyone else on the block has?

Make your own of course.

(Or buy the materials and have a crafty friend make planters for you.) Not sure what kind of materials to use? The crafter of this whiskey barrel train garden planter set got pretty creative with recycled barrels.

I’m not sure who did the work, but I found the picture over at Kentucky Whiskey Barrels, a company that sells (bet you can’t guess) whiskey barrels.

If you’re looking for ideas for some home improvement projects you can do yourself, scroll down their big page of uses for barrels. They’ve got pictures of everything from furniture to fountains to wine racks to the afore mentioned garden planters. No instructions listed though, so you have to have the crafty gene (or being willing to experiment and live with your creations).