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Vineyard Inspired Fireplace Mantels

Nothing dresses up a fireplace like a good looking mantel. Many artisans can carve you a quality piece that will stand well with any high end furniture, but the folks over at Vineyard Studios are putting an extra twist on their designs. Their fireplace mantels are inspired by the grapes from the vineyards surrounding their studio in Southern Oregon:

“Our studio is situated in a beautiful vineyard where we are closely bonded to the changes of the seasons and nature‚Äôs bounty. Inspiration flows from the snow-capped Siskiyou Mountains surrounding us and beautiful Emigrant Lake out our door.”

The picture here shows off the Merlot mantel (visit their site for a larger picture where it’s easier to see the details of the grapes and vines), which is made from air-dried mahogany with a low-gloss finish. If you’re a wine lover, this would be the perfect idea for a fireplace mantel. Also check out their Syrah version.

Prices run $3500 for the Merlot as seen (or $3200 unfinished).