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Try a Slow Cooker Preprogrammed with Healthy Recipes

Technology is making its mark on just about every kitchen appliance you can think of, including your crock pot. The Healthy Kitchen slow cooker has a digital display that lists the 40 recipes that come preprogrammed with the machine. You can store your favorite recipes in memory too–no more need for cumbersome cookbooks.

Slow cookers are great ideas for busy families. Dump a few ingredients in before you leave for work in the morning, and have a meal that’s cooked and ready to eat when you get home. You can find recipes that are simple, taking only a few minutes to prepare, but still taste wonderful after they’ve been simmering all day. This and other slow cookers out there today allow you to program in the number of hours the meal will cook and at which temperature setting, and then the unit switches over to a “keep warm” setting when the food is done.

The Healthy Kitchen slow cooker is available at Bloomingdale’s for about $150.



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    These plates make me think of the Hawaiian dish of Lau lau with Taro leaves. My wife saw these plates and fell in love with them. Great conversation piece when friends are over for sure.