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Cost of Converting a Garage into Living Space

If you live in a smaller house, one of the ways you can add extra living space is by converting the garage into a den, bedroom, office, living room, etc. As far as home improvements go, this isn’t a terribly expensive one, considering all the extra usable space you get. Whether you’re talking about a detached or an attached garage, the excavation has already been done as well as the foundation, framing, and closing in of the space.

Converting a garage is a relatively easy remodel, and many homeowners choose to do a lot of the work themselves (thus saving quite a bit of money). The major factors you have to consider are electrical wiring, heating, cooling, flooring, and windows and doors. If you have quite a bit of DIY experience, you could probably do everything except the wiring yourself. (Although if the floors are uneven, you might need the help of a professional in that area too.)

If you do all the labor yourself, you can convert a garage for about $7,000. This includes insulation, windows, subfloor, a vinyl floor, electric, baseboard heaters, and minimal additional framing and structural lumber. Also included in the estimate are drywall, a sliding glass door (to replace the garage door), and siding so the garage matches the rest of the house. If you decide to hire professionals to do all the work, you are going to be more in the $16,000 ballpark.

Source: IdeaWise Garages: Inspiration & Information for Do-It-Yourselfers