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Automatic Hand Dryer for Your Home

Tired of washing loads of nothing more than towels? Well, an automatic hand dryer for your bathroom might cut down on the burden a little bit. In addition to the less-laundry-for-you-to-do perk, hand dryers are more sanitary than other options, especially if your whole family is reusing the same towel several days in a row. Even though you’ve (hopefully) just washed your hands, towels harbor germs and mildew when they are continually dampened. So, you take your clean hands and promptly get them grimed up again when you’re just trying to dry them.

This unit has motion sensors, so you don’t have to chance a germ jumping onto your hands when you start up the dryer. It whooshes out heat with 1,500 watts of power, which is apparently the same intensity as commercial hand dryers. According to the retailer’s site, the wall-mounted unit plugs into ordinary outlets, so no complicated installation process is required.

The price is $65 from SmartHome:

Automatic Hand Dryer


  1. 1/22/2010 | 11:11 pm Permalink

    I WANT ONE!!

    its awfully handyyy – hahahahaha get it?