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Decorative Wall Clock with Moving Parts

I’ve got a $10 wall clock from Ikea up in the living room right now, and I was thinking that it’d be fun to have something a little more interesting. I wasn’t sure what was out there in the world of decorative wall clocks, so I hit a local store to browse. The Country Clock Shop in Everett, WA has a large selection, and this one caught my eye. It has a dial that splits apart and rotates on the hour, revealing some of the inner workings behind the face. And if you’re one of those people who like musical clocks, you can program this one to play 6 different songs, plus 3 optional Christmas melodies. It has a light sensor to detect when the room is dark, and it won’t play if everyone is in bed. I can do without musical clocks myself, but I loved watching the face split apart and shift around before moving back into place (yes, I’m easily amused).

Country Clock