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Fake Windows… With a View

Sometimes it just happens. You’ve got an inside room with no windows. Bathrooms, in particular, often get the shaft. So what do you do? Add a fake window, of course. California-based Affordable Views offers not only a window frame but light and something to look at too. They start with an art print (you can have a realistic nature view, a city scene like the Golden Gate Bridge, or a fantasy print that looks out onto a world that exists only in dreams), add light behind it (to make it feel like daylight is coming in), and then frame it with the “window.” You can choose different frames, anything from rustic to modern, to suit the decor of your room. Prices start at $185 for a window box with one picture.


  1. 9/7/2009 | 7:50 pm Permalink

    There is a nicer and much more inexpensive version at, it is a fake window that I was able to add my own photos to. So I created a NYC skyline with three photos all from the same one just split up.