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Automated Ovens

What, your oven isn’t hooked up to your home network? Imagine this: You’re stuck in traffic and wishing dinner would be ready for you when you arrive home. Just whip out your cellphone and text message something like…

Dear Oven. Please start cooking the pork chops at 375 for 30 minutes. Be there soon.

Home automation is everywhere these days, including the kitchen.

New, “intelligent” ovens are entering the market that will allow remote start/stop and temperature adjustment via the Internet. Simply put your dinner in the oven before you leave for work in the morning, then send it a message when you’re ready to have it start cooking. Don’t worry about refrigeration. These ovens do that, too.

One such example is the TMIO Intelligent Oven, due to come out this year. At an estimated $7,500, the Intelligent Oven probably isn’t for every home (yet), but less-expensive automated appliances are coming out soon. Salton, Inc. is working on their Beyond line, a series of typical kitchen appliances such as bread machines and coffee makers that will have the capability to be hooked up to the Internet and accept commands from computer and cell phones.