Steam Cleaner for Hard Surface Floors

Generally hard surface floors (tile, laminate, hardwoods, etc.) are easily to keep looking better than carpets, since you can wipe up spills easily, but even those glorious hardwood floors of yours can get a little gunky with buildup over time. Instead of scrubbing away with a mop or brush, you might have fun with a […]

Solar Brick Lights Install Right into Your Path or Patio

Solar landscape lighting is very popular these days, with all of the major home improvement stores carrying several options (shoot, you can even find solar path lights at Costco). We’ve looked at a quite a few possibilities for the yard, such as solar deck post lights, cheerful solar flower lamps, and solar driveway markers. Well, […]

Automatic Hand Dryer for Your Home

Tired of washing loads of nothing more than towels? Well, an automatic hand dryer for your bathroom might cut down on the burden a little bit. In addition to the less-laundry-for-you-to-do perk, hand dryers are more sanitary than other options, especially if your whole family is reusing the same towel several days in a row. […]

Children’s Play Table with Extra Storage

If you’re shopping for furniture for your children’s rooms, you might want to consider a play table where they can do activities. Since toy clutter can be a real problem in houses full of young-uns, more storage is always a good idea. That’s why this piece jumped out at me. You can get the simple […]

Hardwood Flooring, Laminate, or Carpeting?

You’d have a hard time finding a homeowner who doesn’t want hardwood floors. Everybody’s talking about its resurgence as the floor of choice (well, everybody in the housing business). Wall-to-wall carpeting is out, and hardwood floors are in. But are they worth the price? Or should you save money and go with laminate or carpeting? […]

Hose Nozzle with “WaterWatch” Spray Meter

How much water do you use spraying your plants with the hose? You might be surprised at how much of a resource hog the hose nozzle is, even for a quick hand watering in the evening. Now you can see exactly how much you’re using with this special hose nozzle, which comes with a spray […]

Pendant Lamp Made from Recycled Traffic Light Glass

If you dig furnishings made from reclaimed or recycled materials, you may want to add some green lighting to your home. Er, make that red lighting. Something with a shade made from recycled glass, perhaps? This ruby red Stoplight Pendant Lamp is made from just what you’d guess: discarded traffic lights. Seller, Earth Friendly Goods, […]

Water-Powered Shower Light Shows Temperature

Tired of sticking your hand in the shower to determine when the water temperature is suitable?  If so, grab a shower light that turns blue when the water is cold and red when it’s hot. Similar to the faucet lights we looked at a while back, the Sylvania LED EcoLight doesn’t require any special electrical […]

Hide the Washer and Dryer Behind Cabinet Doors

If you have a dedicated laundry room, then it’s probably not a big deal if your washer and dryer are out in the open for all to see (who’s going to go in your laundry room besides you anyway?). But if you live in a small house or a condominium, your washer and dryer may […]

Whiskey Barrels Transformed into Train Garden Planter

I enjoy browsing the aisles at my local home improvement store, but I’ll be the first to admit they rarely have standout decorative pieces. They carry the stuff that appeals to the mainstream. That’s understandable, but what do you do if you want say garden planters that don’t look like the ones everyone else on […]